Friday, April 11, 2008

I have a dream!

I don't know what is inside a child's mind, but sometimes I'd sure like to know! Other times, I'm really glad I don't.

Lately, every time Luke wakes up we hear, "I have a dream! Susanna, let me tell you about my dream!" Sometimes it's about Larry Boy. Sometimes it's about Bible Man. Sometimes it's about a duck chasing a butterfly. This morning it was about a little girl who was downstairs with her Mama when Luke went down to go potty...but he wasn't sure if it was real or a dream (it was a dream...or at least it wasn't a Mama and little girl that live in THIS house!). He also wanted Susi to go downstairs with him because he was scared it really wasn't a dream and there was "another Mama and another little girl" down there.

And going back to not knowing what's in their little heads, I am often taken aback at what comes out of their mouths at the most unusual times. Why don't they still have that show "Kids Say the Darndest Things?" My kids would be a hit!

Tuesday, we stopped by Nikki's house (the same Nikki that at one time was going to marry Luke but now is going to marry Jeffrey...ah, the soap operas that 3 and 4 year olds live in!). There were sandwiches waiting for us, and as the kids finished eating, Luke got all cow-eyed and blurted out, "Nikki, I love you. I really, really love you. Alot." After some giggles from the Mamas, he then added, "Sometimes I just lose my mind and go crazy."

Wednesday as we were heading into church for Awana, one of the teen girls was walking towards us. Luke immediately stopped and started backing up to me. I assured him, "That's Patty, Luke. She's very nice. She'll be helping Daddy at the farm this summer." Confident that she was okay, he continued on his way, telling her as he passed, "We have a red and green car." What???? WHERE did that come from? (and we don't have a red and green car, we have a red van and a green car!).

Yesterday, after music lessons, I told him we were going to stop at the Chamber of Commerce for a short while. Now, Luke loves the Chamber. Lots of places to run outside, friendly people to talk to inside, my boy's dream come true! After his cheering died down, he asked me, "Mama, is Miss Katie a boy or a girl?" (Katie is one of the main ladies at the Chamber and makes a point of talking to the kids each time they come in.) "Katie is a girl, Luke." Oh. Silence for a few minutes then, "Mama, are you sure?" "Yes, Luke. I'm sure." After a few more seconds, "Mama, I really love Miss Katie. She's very kind. But she looks like a boy. And she talks like a boy." After quickly telling him, "Never, NEVER tell Miss Katie that, it is very rude!" and getting reassurances that he wouldn't tell her, I did assure him that she does NOT look like a boy, and while her voice is a bit deep, she definitely is a girl.

Thankfully, the topic didn't come up again until AFTER we left the Chamber! (As soon as we walked in, Luke dashed by the main desks up front and high tailed it directly into Katie's office with a big, "Katie!" She had fun with him -- I think! -- and ended up giving him a tri-colored highlighter...which he absolutely loves.) And he's been talking about her all day.

Except he didn't dream about her.


And today's blast from the was labelled "JonTonyMark"


precious grandma said...

Dreams can seem so real even to adults. Years ago I dreamed that a skunk was in my pantry (in our barn house). The dream was so vivid I actually smelled the skunk as he squirt us while we tried to capture him. In the AM as I looked out the window, you guessed it. A skunk lay on the road where it was hit by a car! And we never did capture the one in my dream...even though in the AM I checked every nook and corner in the pantry.

Martha said...

I LOVE "Kids Say the Darndest Things"!! My kids would be a hit on there, too. The things they say are hilarious. :) Thanks for the chuckles today.