Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The problem with raising children in a Christian home...

Okay, I know there are far more problems when children AREN'T raised in a Christian home, but here is what we've been dealing with lately:

"David the Sheperd Boy" is a frequent "visitor" to our home. He is Luke's best (and imaginary) friend. And he has been banished. You see, when Luke does something that he shouldn't or if he whines when told "no," "but David said that I could." Much to Luke's horror, I firmly told him at lunch time today that David was no longer welcome in our home and until he could have good behavior and not encourage Luke to be naughty, he would not be allowed to even play with Luke outside. Luke has informed me since that David will have good behavior now. I've assured him that he is welcome to be here as long as he has good behavior....but he's gone for good next time he encourages that naughty stuff.

Right now, as Susanna is sleeping, Luke is upstairs praying to God because "Mama is not nice, God. Please make her nice. I love her so much and she is not being kind." After being told to stop playing with a book that plays music when you touch buttons (thank you SO MUCH for those books, Mom.) so he won't wake up Susanna, he continued to do so (hmmm....maybe David snuck back indoors and told him he could). As I went upstairs counting to ten so I wouldn't blow up, I decided to just take the book away instead of further discipline. Problem was, he wouldn't let go so I yanked the book out of his hand....and ended up with only the part that plays music. Wait, did I say that was a PROBLEM? Smiling, I told Luke he COULD keep looking at the book...and threw the music part on the top shelf way out of reach (and knowing it is impossible to climb up the bookshelf). Hence, the terrible Mama dilemna and his wails to God about Mama breaking his books and not being kind.

We also had a bit of a hissy fit last night when I informed the children that since we were getting to bed so late (we'd been at a supper at church last night and didn't get them ready for bed until after 10:00), there would be no devotions. Tony read two Bible stories, I let them know no devotions for the night, just prayers and hugs and kisses. "But we WANT devotions, Mama! We just LOVE them! And we love the stories and books that you are reading!"

Susanna, meanwhile, has decided that Delilah for some reason is her favorite story. Kind Ruth? Naw. Lovely and courageous Esther? Fuggetaboutit. She only wants to hear about Samson and Delilah. And play with hair. And use scissors.

At least they understand about going to the Lord in prayer for all things. And are retaining the knowledge from God's Word. And are passionate about daily devotions.

A lively bunch

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precious grandma said...

Just be glad Luke wasn't using a drum, and NO I don't apologize for the books that make music.(Grandparents' privilege) Sorry. As for Susanna, wonder how long it will be before she cuts her hair in the front to "help you make bangs"? (Like her Mama did when she was about Susanna's age.)
Interestingly, with your blogs about the kids, it's obvious you are enjoying them and their childhood. How gramp and gram would have loved to have you share their antics with ghem! Love you all much