Friday, July 31, 2009

Lemon Meringue Pie! (Part 2)

Yes, we had lemon meringue pie for breakfast yesterday, am I the coolest mom or what? Luke kept looking confused and saying, "but we've never HAD pie for breakfast before!" And, as I suspected, Susanna wanted the meringue but not the lemon or the pie....

Gotta tell you, when eating a lemon meringue pie made with Watkins Lemon Dessert mix, you keep wanted to look for a seed or honestly tastes like you've used fresh squeezed lemons.

There's one piece left....and I want to get it before the kids do for breakfast, so....see ya later!

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precious grandma said...

COOL MOM! Just hope Luke doesn't expect pie all the time for breakfast! *When you were his size, we also had things like pizza, L/O birthday cake, other goodies, etc. Good memories for kids and MOMs!