Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lemon Meringue Pie!

We're winding down strawberry season. We're in the midst of raspberry season. And yet, for the past three weeks, my daughter has been asking me, "when can we make a lemon meringue pie again?" Since I'm usually not working at our market on Tuesday, Monday night I whispered in her ear at bed time "tomorrow we'll make a lemon meringue pie."

You've gotta know Susi. When she gets excited about something, specifically some kind of food, she gets the funniest giggles going. And that's what she did Monday night.

I'm ashamed to say, we didn't make a lemon meringue pie yesterday. I canned cherries in the morning, then Tony stopped by and took the kids with him to the farm. They got home in time for supper, baths, and bed. And as I was tucking Susanna in for the night, she whispered in my ear "We didn't make a lemon meringue pie today." I whispered back, "but we will on Thursday" (my only other day not at the market).

However, we stopped at the grocery store today on the way to the market, and one of the things we picked up was a premade roll-out pie crust (yes, I cheat at pie crusts sometimes!). Tonight, after supper, we made lemon meringue pie (yes, from Watkins lemon dessert mix). And my daughter couldn't stop high-fiving me. And as I tucked her into bed tonight, she whispered in my ear, "Mama, we made a LEMON MERINGUE PIE tonight!" Of course, I think the joy was more in licking out the meringue from the mixing bowl....

I was tempted to have a midnight snack....but I think we'll have it for breakfast instead.


GramS said...

Boy, does that sound good! I have one in my freezer, but not "homemade". I'm just waiting for the right time to get it out.
You sound like you're getting busier with your fruit and veggie canning/freezing time. Like Gramp always said, be thankful!

Martha said...

Good idea! Have it for breakfast, and save me a piece! :)

precious grandma said...

Dad's favorite pie! (along with cherry. and every other kind!) I'll have to try the Watkins one some day...when I have time.