Monday, July 13, 2009

The Verdicts

Well, the doctor thinks it is just a simple case of poison ivy. I didn't think mom is highly allergic, and Susi's been all over her this past week. However, she said it definitely is some kind of contact dermititis (we looked at Fifth's Disease before going to the doctor and highly doubted it...even though it swept thru our community last Christmas time). She got a pretty strong cream prescription for her body with the okay to continue using Watkins petro carbo on her hands (great to dry up poison ivy!) and Watkins red clover salve for her face (again, great for skin conditions and gentle enough for the face...and the perfect thing to use to get rid of under eye puffiness, instead of hemroid creams!) After her first dose of the prescripted cream and a continue layer of red clover and petro carbo, she is looking soooo much better! She's still a bit itchy, and she tends to keep rubbing, so we also gave her the dosage of Children's Benadryl recommended by the doctor to keep the itching down. Continue to keep her in your prayers, please....she said "everyone MUST keep praying for my itchies! All the time!"

The other verdict: It was a fly. Emphasis on "fly." Mama became the afternoon's hero when I swatted and killed it and put it in the toilet ("just like Grandma, Mama! She has LOTS of flies in HER potty!"). Susi was worried when I went after it, but she was reassured when I told her it was just a fly. Daddy didn't have to sacrifice his body being stung....

I think the Benadryl kicked in....she's pretty quiet while Luke keeps jabbering.

And yet another day is closing.

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GramS said...

When I first read about the poison ivy, I thought -- YOUR MOM???? oh, no!
Anyhow, I do hope the rash leaves soon, and Susi is more comfy.

Flies? Gram used to pay us (5 flies for a penny, or something like that) so my brothers would hold the door open so more could come in and they'd get more $$ for killing them. hahhahah