Monday, July 13, 2009

How To Kill a Bumble Bee

We've had a crazy two weeks. As I recuperate (and find time!), I'll post more about the Fourth of July parade, visits from all of Tony's siblings, my parents' visit, and our county fair.

Meanwhile, Susanna came into our room today to inform me there was a bumble bee buzzing around down stairs. She was very excited that Luke came up with a great way to kill it, and whispered in my ear:

We'll call Daddy at the farm and have him come home. The bumble bee can land on his arm and sting him, then it will die!

Laughing, and a bit appalled, I suggested to Susanna, "Well, why don't I just come downstairs and swat it?" She was horrified! "But Mama! YOU might get stung!!!"

I think I'll wait to tell this story to Tony until well after he gets home, so as not to "scare" him away, haha! I think it's also probably a good thing that only Susanna saw the "bumble bee."

On a more serious note, please keep my little girl in your prayers. She's had a raised rash now for over a week that was stagnant for a bit and has steadily been getting worse from Thursday on. We've an appointment in an hour to see what's going on. Thanks.....


Brownie said...

Blondie had a raised red rash when she was little. The daycare called it fifths disease? It went away. But I'll pray anyway.

Is the bee gone now?

Martha said...

What's with the rash? If it's fifths disease as Brownie said, it's no big deal, but simply the fifth disease that children normally get. All my guys had it, too, and they weren't even aware of it. Let us know how she is!