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It's been awhile since I blogged about Watkins, other than an occasional reference to a product here and I have some time on my hands (okay, not really), here's some more info!

First of all, if you haven't figured it out by now, I LOVE Watkins products. The question I hate most in regards to Watkins is "What's your favorite product?" I can't pick! I love the vanilla...double strength Madagascar vanilla beans, use half as much as the recipe calls for, doesn't lose flavor when heating or freezing. I also love the other extracts, and the maple and butter extracts are part of the secret to my cinnamon rolls! The baking powder is aluminum free (yeah, you read that right...did you know Calamut and other major brands have ALUMINUM in them...for leavening? Get real!) and my baked goods -- biscuits, scones, cakes, cinnamon rolls and more are lighter and fluffier that ever before. My husband's aunt could give you a great testimonial.... The soups and dips -- shoot, EVERYTHING -- is MSG-free. And when you use the soup bases for flavoring, you really are getting flavor, not a salty taste. The mushroom soup makes such a great sauce, I haven't used Campbell's for my casseroles (or hot dishes, here in MN!) for years...and it just tastes better (and doesn't have the MSG Campbell's does). The cooking spray -- wow. It actually sprays on what you're spraying, not the air around you. It doesn't bake that yellow gunk on, and it's equal to about 2.5 or more cans of Pam. Then there's the grapeseed oil, the dessert mixes, the dip mixes and more.....

Then there's the Petro Carbo salve that our family couldn't live without. It repairs dried, cracked skin overnight. It draws out splinters, zits, poison from insect and spider bites (another of Tony's relatives can give you a great testimonial on a spider bite that almost killed her grandson). It draws out and prevents infection. It gets rid of warts in about a week. It helps skin heal from just about anything...cuts, scrapes, infection, chicken pox, bed sores, whatever.

The supplements are awesome....check out a recent post from Brownie about how the supplements help her overly active four year old. The E+CoQ12 has really helped me get through each day with just enough energy, and not the jittery, fake kind either.
Then there are the cleaner and personal care line...all natural, plant-based, and they work better than anything you'll find in the store! Honestly, speaking as a farmer's wife and mom to two pre-schoolers, all this stuff is great and cleans so well! I can't do without the all purpose cleaner and the laundry detergent...the dish soap and hand soap....and the list goes on!

Watkins has been in business for over 140 year now and has never had a product recall. Not many companies can say that! Each batch of our products are rigorously tested before being sold to make sure they meet the high standards we and our customers expect. And Watkins is known for the high quality in all our products. And all of our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your full money back.

While we have always pretty much been all natural in our products, over the past several years, Watkins has successfully made the attempt to "go green" in production. That means our packing peanuts are biodegradable and safe for the environment (which is great when a kid accidentally swallows just safely dissolves!); processing is "gravity-fed" to conserve energy; our product packaging is lighter weight, saving thousands of pounds of plastic each year...when the packaging IS plastic. Several items are packaged in glass and in tin to better preserve freshness. Everything at our plant and offices is recycled in a strict paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling program. And even the ink in our labeling is soy based! Oh, and if paper doesn't have to be used (mail to associates, etc.), everything is paperless....even bonus checks to associates whch is direct deposited!

What I love about being part of Watkins, besides the great products, is that it is so easy to take advantage of wholesale prices or to earn a secondary income or to earn a full income. In the States, it is only $39.95, less than the price of a warehouse club, to join and get wholesale pricing on all products. If you're looking for something to help bring in extra money, working at your own schedule (stay-at-home parent, second job, etc.), this is it! If you sign up to do the parties, Watkins pays ALL the hostess rewards (10-30% of party sales), and you can easily make $125 or more for only 3 hours work...most parties are at least $500 in total sales. That gets the hostess 30% in products, $150 of her/his choice in Watkins. That earns you a minimum of $125 cash, not counting bonus commissions. Do the math...have two parties a week, four weeks a month, and you're talking a MINIMUM of $1,000 take home money, not counting bonus commissions (provided the parties are $500 or higher), for maybe 24 hours worth of work. How many other jobs can you get that from...legally?

Yeah, but so many direct sales companies make you do so many purchases or you don't get discounts. Yep, I did Mary Kay, too. I looked into Pampered Chef, Tupperware, and more. Here's the thing. With Watkins there are NEVER any minimums for ordering or frequency requirements. If you order once a week, it's the same discount as once a year. $5 or $5,000, same discount. What happens is once you have a certain amount of points each month, you start earning bonus income, anywhere from 10-40% of bonus values. That's a nice tidy profit for those who are interested in making Watkins a full or part time career...but great for those who just want to use it for personal use, since they'll always get the discount.

And the coolest thing about signing up right now, whether it's for personal use or to generate extra income? If you sign up with me in July, you'll receive a $10 Watkins gift certificate. Not only that, I have a great "welcome to my team" basket with approxiately $40-50 worth of products.

Interested in learning more about the products and or business opportunity? Please check out my website at or shoot me a comment or email here or on facebook or give me a call if you have my can even click on this link for a great presentation I'd love to pass this wonderful opportunity on to you!

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