Thursday, July 16, 2009

What I Did This Morning...

Some days, I actually feel like Wonder Woman. Most days, I just feel overwhelmed. Figure out what kind of day today has been (so far!)

Kids fighting and arguing from the moment they wake up. Yelling, screaming, jumping up and down, red in the face (okay, so that was only Susanna, but Luke was egging her on).

8:45, still haven't gotten breakfast for me or the kids. Faced with so much stuff to do, I just want to crawl in bed. Have a conference call scheduled for 10:00, not sure how I'm gonna pull THAT off! Call Tony, beg, I mean, ask him if I can drop the kids off in an hour at the farm so I can get some stuff done. may go better....he says yes!

Start really cranking...ignore the yelling and screaming and red face and inform Susanna that I'm tired of seeing her naked, go get clothes on and that's the last time I'm gonna tell her. Tell Luke to be quiet as he reminds me (again) that HE's already dressed. Oh yeah, I'm still in my night gown...but at least I've got some form of clothing on!

Empty and reload the dishwasher, getting that started....again. Do my first load of laundry (again...I forgot I had it in there three days ago and it had been sitting damp in there since), all of Susanna's clothes that she'd worn before being diagnosed with poison ivy. Oh well, they could probably use a second washing anyway! Rinse and clean the basil I clipped yesterday, pick out bad leaves, put it on the dehydrator (getting ready for when I can my spaghetti sauce in a few months!). Still in my night gown, but feeling like I'm getting something accomplished (man, just getting those dishes put away and reloaded made a diference...don't ask why they weren't done last night!).

Put all the peas we shelled last night (okay, so that's part of it) into jars to get ready to can. Ten pints! Not that I'll enjoy any of them. I don't enjoy peas unless they're fresh. Like the ones on Veggie Tales. Okay, kids are fed (oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I just gave 'em cereal...but honestly, they get it so infrequently, cereal is a treat for them!). Throw on some clothes, get them piled in the car, and off to the farm we go! Oops, I also dealt with a couple farm/market related calls in between there.....

Kids are gone, time to fix a quick breakfast (brunch? it's almost 10:00) before my call. Pop tarts! Yeah, don't even start. Have my now-lukewarm tea ready to drink, check the email really quick...ANOTHER new Watkins associate sign up, thanks, God! Telephone conference call. That runs much longer than usual, was a great one, so well worth it!

Head downstairs, start cleaning off the counter and figure out what bills still need paid (thankfully, none are late). Put in an order for more stock at the Market....we've really been selling out of quite a bit of things this year! Realize I should have the canner going while I'm working on cleaning I get the peas going and decide to run out and cut some more fresh herbs to dry (thyme and oregano)...wash those good, set them out to dry before putting them in the dehydrator. Hm, why not clean that bucket of berries in the fridge? Another batch of freezer jam! Another couple of farm/market calls. Canner's jiggling, I'm taking a break....and writing to you all.

Boy, I'm sure glad this week is slower than the past two have been (and no, I'm not being sarcastic...this actually has been a slower week....)

Hey, I'm on a roll...and I'm outta here for now!


precious grandma said...

I'm glad I'm in Ohio. Just have to deal with picking green beans, finishing up the NA program for MR High School, laundry, make some strawberry pies for the weekend, leave for IN on a 1 day trip, then home for Sun-Tues. and off to VA for church camp Wed. Oh, yeah, pick beans and cukes before we go.....and deal with the garlic dad pulled up today. (Maybe I'll come back to MN for a vacation!) How's Susi's rash? Love you all.

Karen said...

Hmmm you sound kinda busy! I wondered if anyone else was as busy as me? Good thing we can always fall back on God's strengths!

Brownie said...

I feel busy but don't get nearly that much accomplished!

I'd love to do a garden and can... but just don't seem to have time.

I did get Blondie's dress done for an upcoming California wedding. How I managed to alter an adult size 8 dress down to her size zilch is beyond me.

So is there a benefit to being a Watkins associate?

I tried Avon once - just because I wanted to order my own stuff... that backfired badly....