Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Just the Thing I Need."

We've had one of those mornings....my strong-willed child threw tantrum after fit after whining complaint. The limit was finally pushed, the warning breeched, and we had a visit to the steps, wooden spoon in hand. Tears were shed, hug were shared, warnings were given that no more naughty behavior would be tolerated. Back to the lunch table with a few sniffs but much improved attitudes. Finally, my strong willed child looked at me and said, "Mama, sometimes a little spanking is just what I need."

Good thing, because they both just got another one. Sigh. But it is finally silent and rests are being taken before our big night at the circus tonight!

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precious grandma said...

spare the rod and spoil the child! (although it would break my heart to have to spank THEM!) Then, of course, I'm the precious grandma and NOT the mama!
BTW, you kids all turned out rather good probably due to some spankins, also.
Love to all