Friday, July 3, 2009

More Morning Mumblings!

"Luke, when I get big, aren't you going to be so glad when I get mawwied? I'm going to have lots and lots and LOTS of babies, lots mowe than you!"

"Susanna, if you have too many babies, your house is going to explode."

"No, Luke, actually, I mean, I want to have a weally, weally, WEALLY big house! Big enough for lots and lots of babies. Isn't that so exciting?"

And so....another day begins.


precius grandma said...

Remember that grandma's get to spoil the grands. It's the parents; job to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (Grandparents can help a little bit there, also.)
You and Tony whould have lots and lots of fun in the future! (Hope we're still around for the great-grands!)

LindaSue said...

yes, but you're also not supposed to tempt your weaker brother/sister -- and since they still need LOTS of guidance and direction, don't tempt them to be disobedient or uncontrolled or selfish or anything like that.....

We've already told the kids they can't get married until they're at least 30, so great grands from our kids will be a LONG time coming!

precious grandma said...

we won't tempt them. You and Tony are doing a great job with them!
Ask Susanna who gets the one kiss she has for us. Me or papa, or should one of us stay home? Maybe she just might find another kiss for us before we get there. See y ou soon!