Friday, June 6, 2008


Wow, what a day! I was intending to write about our "other kids" today, but instead....

It's kinda ironic; just last night I was also thinking about writing some time about some of the weather phenomenas I've been in the middle F-5 tornado that destroyed a good portion of my hometown in '85 right before my high school graduation; a couple blizzards; Hurricane Andrew in South Florida; some big earthquakes in Southern California...and was going to mention how thankful I am that I've not experienced anything outside of winter storms here.

If you caught news reports at the right time today, you may know that Park Rapids was hit by a few tornadoes today. Last I heard, it was three tornadoes, although one tornado had split off into two. The big one (1/2 mile wide in some parts) came within 1/4 mile of our Market. On the way home, it was sad seeing the damage to so many trees--cut off at the top, completely uprooted. There were some homes with damage, too, although most of it was very minimal. I believe one or two homes were completely destroyed, but "bad" damage usually consisted of roof problems. A Jenny-O turkey farm not far from us was hit pretty bad...styrofoam from the turkey barns and turkeys themselves were scattered in about a 30 mile stretch, poor things! And as far as we know, there have been no reports of injury, praise God!

Tony came home for about an hour, and other than checking the radar reports online a few times, we all spent some fun time down in the basement playing while the kids had no idea what was happening except there was some bad wind and we might get to go lay down in the bathtub. Thankfully, nothing came close to the farm. I was concerned about the Market, though, since a couple workers were there, but at the time I had no idea a tornado went so close to it!

It's hard to know what will be in store for us when we wake up each day, but I'm so thankful that God already knows and has ordained it....even if it may be something difficult for us to face.

Hope your day was less remarkable!


precious grandma said...

Seems just like yesterday when we had the tornado in Newton Falls. I'm so thankful God is STILL in control and He watches over us all! Thankful you all are ok.

liz said...

I'm so glad you're all okay! I'm sure it was tough for you--bringing back memories that it would have been fine NOT to revisit!

And--the poor turkeys (although it's a little funny!).

LindaSue said...

Oh, too many memories came back times, I was getting mad when people were talking about how 'bad' things were (trees broken, uprooted, two homes destroyed, maybe a dozen homes with some damage, one guy got bruised ribs, that's all) -- that's NOTHING compared to '85! And yes, we definitely laughed about the turkeys!

Martha said...

Scary, Lin!! Reminds me of one day last year when I told the boys to put on their shoes so we could go in the basement to play. That one threw them for a loop and they asked a ton of questions, but eventually complied. Found out the next day that a twister of some sort did brush by us and broke down several of Fred's brother's trees, about a mile away. Glad you're safe, and yes, I laughed at the turkeys, too, and even envisioned them flying through the air! :)