Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Catching Up

Today it is raining. I mean really RAINING! Looking at the weather forecast earlier this week, Tony didn't plan on having any of the kids come to work at the farm today. He got to sleep in (well, except when the kids jumped in bed with us and were squirming all over the place) and is approaching hour three of a much needed long nap. The kids fell asleep pretty quick, too, which is great considering how grumpy they've been all morning.

I've been doing several blogs lately, but that will be changing in the very near future, I think. Things are about to get really BUSY! Tessa (Tony's niece from Washington) flies in on Saturday. My parents come for a visit and arrive on Wednesday. Tony's sister Carla and her girls fly into Canada next week and will be here the following Sunday or Monday for a few days, with Dwight coming later this month as well. Carrie and Lori (Tony's niece and our sister-in-law) also arrive early next week. Summer is just about here!

I was emailing my baby-sitter's mother today about when I think I'll be needing her this summer and I really cringed looking at my schedule. (oh, to clarify, the kids don't think Katie's a babysitter, she's just someone who plays with them at the market!) July 4, always a very busy time at the market, is on a Friday this year which is great because that should give us a very busy week at the market...good especially since the strawberries may or may not have started by then. The following week is our county fair, and I'll have a booth there Wednesday through Sunday. I still have to line up someone to help me out with it! The week after that, our full-time employee (our wonderful Diana!) will be gone for the weekend, so I'll be at the market almost every day straight for two weeks! But before she leaves, and after the fair, I have two Watkins parties scheduled back-to-back...what was I thinking????

Our local Chamber wants us to participate in a festival which will be the first week end in August, I think, and I still have to look at things to see if logistically it will work for us. Can we get stuff there to cook and sell corn on the cob to the several thousand people they're expecting over a two day period? And can we get two or three people to be there working during that time?

August doesn't let up; it's gonna be crazy through Labor Day! After that, it'll slow down some, but we'll be gearing up each week for the pumpkin parties each Saturday from late September through October.

I'm also planning with a friend an event for hunting season opening weekend -- for years, we've had an arts and crafts event in town that Saturday that drew hundreds, if not thousands, of wives and girlfriends shopping while their men helped reduce (or tried to reduce) the area of our deer population. The lady who was in charge of the event passed away earlier this year from brain cancer, and no one has stepped up to take over. So we've been thinking of having a big home sales event show that day featuring a dozen or so home businesses -- Watkins (of course!), Tupperware, Discovery Toys, Tastefully Simple, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Pampered Chef, Arbonne, and more. Jessica is out of town, but when she gets back next week, we'll have to sit down and figure out if it'll work or not. Our Chamber is fully behind us and hoping it'll be a go!

I'm tired just thinking about it. BUT! Family will be here. There will be times where we'll be taking breathers (I hope!) and just enjoying being with those who we love and don't see often.

So keep us in your prayers. Drop us a note sometimes. And I'll try and keep up when there's time!

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