Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Other Kids (or...We Lie to Our Kids and It's Fun)

I don't know why I did it. I don't know why Tony went along with me. But...for some reason...the other night at the supper table, I mentioned something to Luke and Susanna about our "other" kids.

"What other kids, Mama?"

"The ones that we play with after you both go to bed. That's why we don't want you to get out of bed after we tuck you in."

"Where are the other kids, Mama? We want to play with them!"

"No, you can't. They hide when you are awake and only come out to play after you are sleeping."

Luke is totally buying it. Susanna has this look on her face like yeah, right!

"But we WANT to play with them. Where are they?"

CRASH! Something fell in the kitchen...

"See, there are the other kids now. They thought you were sleeping but heard your voice. They're going to hide again."

"Mama, you don't have any other kids! It's US!"

"No, Susanna, there are other kids, right Mama?"

"Their names are Suke and Lusanna. When you go to bed, we need someone else to play with. So we play with the other kids."

This went on for about ten minutes or so before we told them they were our only kids.

Neither of them are buying that story now. And they both got out of bed last night after being tucked in, trying to catch a glimpse of the "other" kids. But we continue to reassure them that Luke is our favorite boy, and Susanna is our favorite girl. Always.


precious grandma said...

You really do have a vivid imagination! (How could you keep from laughing?) I never thought to tell you kids we had "other kids!" I guess I always felt the 3 of you were enough. I wonder what Luke and Susanna will tell us when we come???

LindaSue said...

I was amazed we were able to keep straight faces the whole time. When you come, just ask them about the "other kids."

precious grandma said...

I can hardly wait!