Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Storms

Today was a beautiful, sunny, warm, lovely day. For most of it, at least. Shortly after arriving home from working all day at the market, we started getting more rain. Lots of it. Then hail. Tornado warnings were issued. We listened to the local radio station while they got really belted with marble- and golf-ball sized hail. Heavy winds. Heavy rain.

Thankfully, here at our house and at the farm, it appears as if we only got tiny hail and no damage. Not sure what things are like at the Market, as that's the area where things started to get pretty bad. And regardless of how things are here, it is so much worse in many other parts of the country.

I was just telling Tony this morning that I don't know if I'm just more cognizant of it now that I'm an adult, but I don't ever remember weather like we in the States have been getting lately. The tornadoes, flooding, heavy rains that have been occuring are just amazing.

I am also so very thankful that regardless of what happens, even though I may not understand why, nothing has happened without God first allowing it to happen.

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