Thursday, June 5, 2008

Posting Memories of Grandma Online

One of the things I appreciate about the Akron area is that they have an online obituary listing of folks in the area who have passed away. One of the features is an on-line guestbook where friends and family can post things to the remaining family members. Living so far away from family and friends in the area, I appreciate being able to share in people's memories through this.

When a friend of mine was killed in a car accident several years ago, I was able to post and read comments from other friends and family about her, celebrating her too-short life.

When my aunt passed away the day after Christmas a few years back, this was another comfort to me as I was unable to attend the funeral.

After Grandma passed away almost a year ago, it was a blessing reading what folks posted on line about her and their words of comfort to the family. Same thing when Grandpa joined her in eternity. I enjoyed checking the online guest book every few days and seeing what people posted about each of them...and learned new things about them while treasuring things posted that were well known.

The only "bad" thing about the online guest book is that it expires after a year. Grandma's guest book is set to expire in a few days, I believe on June 10 or 11. If you've not had a chance to "visit" with those who left comments, take a few minutes to do so. If you want to post a quick memory, it isn't too late. Yet!

Here's the link for Grandma (Helen Rose Pamer Pavkov):

If you wish to visit Grandpa's (George Pavkov) guestbook, click here:

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precious grandma said...

I just read Grandma's guest book this AM and was blessed by all the beautiful comments about her life. She was a beautiful child of God and I'm so thankful to have been blessed with such a mother!