Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The sky over Nevis

We went to a favorite restaurant to celebrate my birthday Friday night and enjoyed seeing a double rainbow outside during our meal. While not a common sight, especially with one rainbow being a full, very luminous arch, what was even more stunning was comparing the sky to what it looked like 24 hours earlier. My friend Jill (owner of the restaurant with her husband Steve) had emailed a photo from during the storms the night before. What an amazing display of God's power!


liz said...

I LOVE the cloud picture! I wish I had taken it! I wish I had seen it!

LindaSue said...

oh, I don't know if you wanted to see that cloud in real was a swirling funnel cloud that never touched down! Golf ball sized hail. Really nasty!

liz said...

Yeah, I kind of want to see that. Probably until I do, then I'll wonder at my stupidity or misplaced curiosity.