Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Problem with Boys

A few weeks ago, we started a new chore chart system. Tony and I picked up a fabulous computer program at MACHE called EduTrack ( and it had a chore program complete with icons on it. I eagerly went to work, making my work load easier (?) and giving the kids more responsibilities.

Luke loves it. Every day he races downstairs to see what chores he gets to do for the day. Susanna...not so much.

Their lists include things like making their beds, taking turns to clean their room, helping clean the bathroom, empty the trash cans, put away the silverware, help on the farm, special job for Mama, water plants, school work, home work, clean off desk, set table, clean off and wipe table, wipe off stove, pick up toys, vacuum, help cook supper. Mind you, they don't have to do everything every day...some chores are scattered thru the week, others are once a week, others are every day.

The problem with boys, or at least mine (if only everyone could have this problem!) is that Luke looks to create work if he has none to do. Yesterday, he was supposed to empty the trash...but it wasn't full yet. So the kid raced around the house and checked EVERY garbage can and emptied all the rest of them (it's usually just the kitchen garbage). Cleaning off the table isn't good enough for him...he has now decided he has to WASH the dishes, too. Every item from the table goes in the sink, gets rinsed off, then "dried" with a towel. He's broken the facet twice already.

I'm not complaining. I love it. In a way, these first weeks with the chore chart have created a bit more work for I'm training them in the way they're to do things. But this week I've noticed a difference. They don't need me walking them thru things. And they're doing a GREAT job! Hm....I wonder how long before I can make my housework something least for me???

BTW, I'm feeling MUCH better! I finally was able to get a prescription called in on Tuesday -- antibiotic eye drops for pink eye that had developed. They really have helped clear up everything for me. Susi's nose is runny, Luke is sneezy a bit, and Tony feels slightly congested, but God willing they'll recover soon...and won't have the problems I did! Thanks for your prayers!!!

Please also pray for friends of ours -- their young daughter (about 8 yo) got a cold over the weekend that moved into her breathing tube. By Monday they had to rush her to the hospital...met part way by an ambulance (they're pretty far away from town) where she was then taken to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. She's been in ICU and the antibiotics are verrrry slowly working...they're going in with a scope today to see if there are other things going on because she just isn't recovering how she should be. Please keep them in your prayers.

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precious grandma said...

Grandma would have loved your check list! We actually found an old one she uses for us when we were getting ready for their sale! All the jobs listed and whether or not we did them! She also had a point system attached. I think mine on that chart was a -4 or -5. She took points away when we argued, talked back, fought with each other, didn't get our tasks done on time, and any other way she could think of to take away the points. If and when we had any points left over, we got an allowance. If I recall, I was always in the hole...actually I never got rich off of the check list. Maybe A. Carole did.
Keep up the good job! Glad you're feeling beter!