Monday, April 20, 2009

More Kid Stuff

This was a wearing week....we've been dealing with a very strong-willed child, and there are days that I'm completely worn out before 10:00 a.m. However, there are many moments to counter-act the frustration, such as when she sings, at the top of her lungs, "THE B-I-E-L-D, YES, THAT'S THE BOOK FOR ME! I STAND ALL OVER THE WORD OF GOD, THE B-I-E-L-D! BIBLE!" Okay, we've been working on it, and by tonight, she proudly sang (again, at the top of her lungs) spelling correctly....we still have to work on the part that you don't stand all over the Word of God, but her heart is in the right place!

Luke has been reading up a storm...anything with letters he has to sound out and almost always gets it right. I'm amazed at what a little reader he is -- he sat down with a library book tonight and started reading it aloud...although a bit slowly. It probably helped that it was all about knights!

Today, we had family over for lunch. Paul and Lori came up just for the weekend, getting the cabin ready for summer. They wanted to head back right after church, possibly stopping somewhere for brunch...but my offer of Carter's own roast beef sounded better! We invited Mark & Beth's gang as well as Dad and Mama, and after they all confirmed, I got busy. It wasn't too involved...threw three roasts into the crock pot with some Watkins meat magic (if you've not used this yet, you have GOT to give it a try!) and beef soup & gravy base. Washed the mushrooms and got the carrots ready to throw in a roaster Sunday morning, and whipped up a batch of the simple dinner rolls (recipe given several blogs ago) -- it is a GREAT recipe since you make up the dough then refrigerate 2 hours to 4 days. I also tried another new recipe from yet another great new site I found (listed in Pioneer Woman's blog) -- you've GOTTA try this one!

And now, it's late...I'm off to bed!

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precious grandma said...

I've used Watkin's Meat Magic for years. Used it for my Easter Rib Roast after a good rub of herbs, etc. What a wonderful flavor! I am amazed each time I use it how wonderful the flavor is, tender and juicy the meat and the wonderful gravy. Usually I just do it au juis. And I believe it's an April special!