Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy at the Farm....

Yes, things are still busy...lots of running into town this week for taxes, banking, post office, and more. Right now, the kids and I are getting ready to head down to the farm to help Daddy plant tomatoes. Spring has finally sprung! And, God willing, it will stay with no nasty winter relapses like last year :)

We've also started having several additions at the farm. As of last night, six calves have been born out of an expected fifteen. Not many, if you consider big cattle operations, but quite a few, if you consider many of you all are "town folks"! Just the right size for us as we will ship some to the market for sales, keep some to breed in a year or so, and keep others to provide us and our Market customers with some wonderful, hormone-free beef!

I'm working slowly on updating our farm website and am putting out a request for recipes that use produce we grow (not sure what we grow? Check out our website and click on "produce" -- Credit will be given to you on the site. Please don't submit recipes published in a cookbook or magazine if they have been copyrighted...unless you've made personal adaptions (is that the right word???)

Okay....gotta go hang out some laundry on the line! Yesterday I hung out our bed it's the kids'. Ummm! Not more more smells like spring than freshly line-dried clothes and bed things! Well, we won't get into the whole manure/fertilizer thing...I'm talking pleasantly fragrant smells!

Happy Spring!

And yes, Easter pictures are still on their way....

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precius grandma said...

you sound like you must be a farmer's wife! I'm really looking forward to the "real" Spring, also. Lots of Spring flowers in bloom. Soon the fruit trees,etc. I can hardly wait!