Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm sick....pretty sure it's the flu. It started last week with a few innocent sneezes and coughs...a git of congestion and a sore throat. By Friday evening, my head hurt from the sinus pain and nothing was helping it go away. By Saturday morning, I couldn't even open one eye in the morning, it was so yucky. I've gone through a box and a half of kleenex (or nose wipers, as Susi calls them) and will probably go thru that much more today. From Saturday to now, I've not spent much time out of bed...a bit of time checking emails and such...a few hours downstairs. I have aches, a bit of a fever and fluccuate between feeling hot and chilled. I have no appetite...but that's not necessarily a bad thing :) I am drinking plenty of fluids.

But I'm thankful. I'm thankful for my husband who, as busy as things are right now with the farm, he has taken over with the kids (okay, I think Grandpa and Grandma have been helping, too! And I'm thankful for them as well!). I'm thankful for my kids who have been coming in to give me kisses and have been praying for me (Luke's concerned because if Mama's sick, who is going to make breakfast??? And Susanna makes sure I have a blanket over me...she's tucked me in several times.) I'm thankful that I'm not worse and that God has been giving me peaceful nights of sleep and plenty of rest during the day, too. I'm also thankful that the weather has been yucky so I don't feel so guilty about not getting outside...and that Tony isn't able to do as much as he could be with the cold temps and the rain.

Pray for us...Tony is starting with the congestion now. Susi has been starting on the sneezing and coughing. We need to plant strawberries tomorrow (and right now it's hard enough sitting upright in a chair for ten minutes!). And I am really praying that Tony, the kids, and my in-laws don't get what I have...or at least to this extent.

I have a busy week scheduled and suspect some of it will have to be cancelled or postponed. But... that's okay. I'm relearning (AGAIN!) my limitations....and my body's need for decent sleep. And that I need to remember to take my Watkins vitamins (which I hadn't been but have been making sure my kids are).

Gotta go blow my nose again...then fall asleep.

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precious grandma said...

Love and Prayers for all your family. Trust you'll be on the mend soon. When Mama gets sick, everyone has it rough. Glad though, that you are getting some rest. Store it up since oull soon be busy at the market! Love to Tony and the kids. Tell Tony, we're glad you have him to look after you!