Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Finery


liz said...

So cute, Lin! Your kids have beautiful eyes! And I remember the days that my kids let ME pick their clothes...not so long ago! :)

Also, do you only sell stuff from MN in your store? Milly Folia is selling the salad dressings that she served in her restaurant ( They are UNBELIEVABLE! Order some just for yourself if you can't sell them--the Peppered Plum and Raspberry Rosemary are awesome.

LindaSue said...

I love my kids' eyes! And most days my kids pick their own clothes....on Sunday, I usually give them two options, but not on Easter! Otherwise, you never know if my kids will be inside out, backwards, torn, whatever (well, their clothes, that is). It took a long time getting something other than a long john shirt and white tights onto Susanna today so we could go to town!

We do carry alot of MN items, but I carry many other things, too, esp if the price is reasonable and the products are great! I'll check out her site! Thanks.... (PS -- come see our store for yourself....)

precious grandma said...

Your kids are so awesome! They look so good in their Easter outfits. Hope they still fit in them by July so we can see the real thing! Love you all.