Friday, April 10, 2009


What do all these photos have in common? Well, they are part of the Great Easter Basket Hunt for 2009! Last year, I set the kids' Easter baskets on the counter the week before Easter and told them we had to keep an eye out for that rascally Easter Bunny....he likes to take baskets and hide them! And, sure enough, when we got home from Easter services...the baskets were gone, and in their place was an Easter Egg for each child. Inside each egg was a photo clue of another location in our home. After about a dozen such clues, we found where the Easter Bunny hid each basket! The kids had a great time...we had a blast as we trailed behind them...and I realized my clues last year were too easy. These photos are some of the easy clues...there are going to be some tough ones for them to figure out!

Right now, our Easter baskets are again on the counter and we are on the look out for rascally rabbits...but I have a pretty certain idea that our baskets are, once again, going to turn up missing this year!

I do have to say that I wouldn't do this if a) our kids really did believe in the Easter bunny and b) if they truly didn't know the meaning of Easter. To them, the Easter bunny is a fun "not in this world" part of Easter, just like Santa is with Christmas...make believe but fun to pretend. They'll be the first to tell you there are no such things as Santa and the Easter Bunny. In fact, whenever I mention the Easter bunny, Susanna is quick to point out that my nose is growing...and looks like a carrot!

Oh's fun for us all, and I figure it's a great home school lesson in observation, reasoning, and deduction!

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