Friday, April 17, 2009

Noah's Ark as told by a 5 year old...and devestating news about cows

Today Luke decided to tell Susanna about Noah's ark...a story they both know quite well.

So God told Noah to build a big boat out of wood called an ark and put animals on it cuz he was gonna get rid of all the bad guys in a big flood. And they got on the boat and God made it rain lots and lots until it was flooded all over. And the boat was going until it cracked "craaaaack" and then it stopped but Noah got it going and it kept floating and raining until it landed on a mountain and cracked "craaaack" again. But the floods went away and the animals got out of the boat and the bad guys were all gone.

And on a completely different topic, well, except that it also involves animals, Tony and I walked to the farm with the kids tonight to see the baby calves (there are six right now). Being the realist that I am, I told the kids "look, in a few years, those will be dinner!" Oh, stop! We've talked about it before, and my kids are well aware where their hamburger, steaks, ham, bacon, chicken, and other meats come from. However, tonight, it finally sunk in to Susanna. Within a couple minutes, a quiet, worried little voice said, "But I don't want to eat the cows and baby calves for supper. I don't want them killeded." She repeated that a few times....we'll have to see how she reacts to the hamburgers I'm planning for supper tomorrow night!


GramS said...

How sad for Susanna. Maybe you shouldn't tell her when you butcher. It does sound pretty gross, though, doesn't it?

precious grandma said...

Remember Petunia? A. Elaine had a hard time turning the pork chops she was fixing for dinner! I'm glad Susanna has such a tender heart! (Also that she has a good appetite as well.) Just don't tell her the hamber came from what ever you name the calf/cows.)

Anonymous said...

Don't name your animals. Too personal. Who doesn't remember Petunia?! The only pig that's ever been able to run us all up a tree!

LindaSue said...

Thanks, Mar! I tell people that story and they laugh at me, thinking I made it up! She had me cornered up a ladder once for what seemed like at least an hour while my brothers laughed and DID NOTHING TO HELP!!!

precious grandma said...

Actually, in retrospect, we would probably have to convince A. Elaine that Petunia got what she deserved! Remember how often she'd dig under the fence and escape! What a pig!