Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy Times are Here Again!

I've not had some serious blogs in awhile...well, I mean meaty blogs. Things have been getting busy...we're getting ready to open the market. It's spring time on the farm! We've had 10 calves born already with about 6 more to go (I think)...along with two deaths :(. Tony has been busy between calving, planting, transplanting, repairing, plowing, and more. He is such a gem!

My schedule was knocked thru a loop when the flu flattened me for about a week. On top of that, I had pink eye, which meant antibiotic drops and no contact lens for a week. It wouldn't have been too bad...except my lens prescription hasn't been updated in literally 20 years or more...my glasses stems are on their last legs...and the lens themselves are also pretty scratched up. A week with blurred vision (which also involved some driving and other stuff, yikes!).

By this time, I usually have orders placed for the market, an employee schedule penciled in for the summer, all employees lined up (of course!) and a babysitter for when I'm working, accounting things up to date (since nothing will be touched again until November or December, other than payroll and bills!), the market cleaned and stocked -- ready for when we open, and at least one trip to a greenhouse, stocking up some flowers for when the Market opens. By this time this year...well, I placed some orders today, and our biggest order came in yesterday...more about that in a minute..... Did I mention we're opening the market next week? Tony's aiming for Thursday or Friday.

I've been up pretty late each night trying to do some catch up. Yesterday I worked some on a general schedule for the market...but I still need to find one more adult to help on Saturdays. And I need to find a babysitter, because I'll be at the market quite a bit this year. I think I have one lined up, but I need to touch base with her again :)

Last Saturday, I had a training session/open house for my local Watkins associates. It went pretty well; I'm satisfied with what my associates came away with -- hopefully, it got them geared up to continue on their own and to build their own businesses. But....because I'd been out of commission for about a week before, it put me behind in some other things. Like laundry. Poor Luke has been going thru clothes baskets to find clean underwear and pants each morning. I should be folding clothes right now. I will in a minute.

I had planned on placing Market orders yesterday as well as finishing washing and folding laundry...but then I got a call that they were delivering our large order at the market between 10:00 and 1:00. I got the call at 9:45. ARGGG!!!!! So, I gulped down my cup of tea, threw on some clothes, loaded the back of the van with some Watkins things to stock at the Market, tried to find some toys to keep the kids occupied...oh yeah! The kids! Make sure they have clothes on, socks on, and look half way decent. And out the door I was at 10:20, calling to make sure that if the delivery guy got there before I did, he'd put the stuff on the front stoop. Nope, he wasn't expected quite yet. I got to the market, started unloading and stocking, and finally called at 2:00, wondering where the delivery guy was -- a few phone calls later, I got a call saying he'd be there by 6:30. My reaction? Oh no he won't! He'll be here MUCH earlier! I still had to pick up half a pig (already processed into sausage, ham, chops, roasts, and bacon) at the butcher, deposit some money into our account so our automatic debit for our health insurance wouldn't drain our checking, and make a Watkins delivery to my good friend Chuck. And I hadn't planned anything for supper yet! I found out I'd have enough time to do some of the errands, and they promised the driver would be there between 4:30 and 5:00. I got the kids loaded in the van, went to do my errands....but there was a horrid clicking sound. Dead battery. Ugh! Tony was in the field, so he couldn't come and jump the van. No answer at Mark & Beth's or on either cell phone...so I called AAA. While on hold with them, my wonderful BIL, Mark, called....and came to jump the van! Off to the bank...then the butcher...then back to the market. Got things swept out good while waiting -- the driver ignored the delivery address and WENT TO THE FARM!!! Mama sent him to the market. We got everything unloaded...by now, it's after 5:30. Supper? Hello, Pizza Hut? our Pizza Hut has a drive-thru pick up window. I LOVE IT!!!

Last night I was up until 1:00 figuring some product costs for the market, the drafted schedule, and making some arrangements for a trip to the Cities...more on that in a minute! Susanna woke up at about 5:30...and woke me up, too. I think the most sleep I've gotten in one night since my bout with flu has been about 5 hours. Yeah...I'm trying to catch up! Our neighbors cranked their music up Friday night -- I finally called about 2:00 and left a message to please turn it down some. They did...around 3:00 a.m. Susanna and Luke were awake (and woke me up) by 6:00. Sigh.

I am planning a trip to the Cities Thursday and Friday -- making several Greenstar customer stops -- see some current customers, talk with several potential customers. Also picking up some things for our Market and Farm while down there, too. I think Susi is coming with, so we'll have a girls' time! Luke is very sad and doesn't stop crying when he realizes he won't be with us. Poor kid!

And Saturday, I'll be stocking more things at the Market. Monday, I'm meeting with the owner and chef of a new local restaurant who wants to use our produce as much as possible. I'm also headed to one of the greenhouses -- Luke's turn to spend the day with Mama....and he's thrilled.

Today I tried to upload our new information on our farm website....have to go to my BIL's house for that since we only have slow dial up. But...I forgot to "publish as web pages" before saving everything on disk, so our good friend Paul is doing that for me....and getting everything uploaded, bless him!

Okay, has this blog been as disjointed and hard to follow as I think it is? If so, you kinda understand my life right now! But the highlight in all this, besides my wonderful hubby and kids is that my summer ladies' Bible Study starts again tonight, yippee! I have REALLY been looking forward to this! We're finishing (maybe) the Harmony of the Gospels this summer. It's an AWESOME group of ladies....and a breath of fresh air and anchor to reality for me during the craziness of summer....

And I gotta go fold clothes.....email me, post comments, I love ya all!!!!

And an update on Michaela -- she was due to be released from Children's Hospital to come home on Sunday. To the best of my knowledge, she is home now. Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers....


precious grandma said...

I remember the days when you outgrew your clothes before I got them all folded. Join the crowd!
We keep you all in our prayers, knowing how busy you normally are, not counting opening the market, etc. Does it ever slow down? Probably not. We certianly haventQ
Love you all.

GramS said...

Wow, do you sound like you need some help there! Too bad it takes too long to get there, or I'd love to come help out.
You do sound organized. It's the delivery men who want you there, all day if it has to be, so they can follow their own schedule.

liz said...

Praying for you! Sounds crazy busy.

Brownie said...

Huh. I thought my life got hectic. Makes my court trials sound like a breeze.