Monday, January 28, 2008

Sometimes it's just too funny....

Speaking as a parent, sometimes your kids say or do something that is so funny, you've gotta share it, even though later in life it may be embarrassing. So let me start by apologizing to Luke now...for any embarrassment this may cause him in the future...

Luke was all excited today to wear a new pair of overalls, "the kind of jeans that cover your belly!" I made sure he could get the straps off easily for bathroom times, and he handled everything like a pro. Until about 4:30. He and Susi had been playing when he ran out of the room, supposedly to go to the bathroom. Now I must explain. Luke is easily distracted when his mind isn't set on something. Sometimes he sees a toy or paper sitting on the floor and forgets all about what he was planning on doing. This must've been the case at that time, although I didn't realize it then. About 15 minutes later, I told Susanna to sit on the potty and do her business (we're at the potty training stage and she only goes when told or if she feels like it...not when it's actually gonna happen). All of a sudden, Luke ran out of the room again then soon came back in walking quite funny, kind of like a cowboy who has spent too much time riding a horse. "Mama, my jeans and underwear are all wet." Stifling a chuckle, I told him to just go take off the wet pants and underwear and put on dry ones. "Okay!" And off he went again only to soon return with dry, clean, green sweats. And so that was the end of the story. I thought.

Tonight, getting ready for a much-later-than-usual bedtime (we had our Fun Food and Fellowship group over here), Luke pulled down his pants and announced, "I forgot to put on underwear today!" Okay, this time there was no stifling the belly laughs from Tony and me! He, however, was not amused. He was literally freaking out because he MUST wear "waking up" underwear even though it was time for bed time (he wears special night time underwear or a diaper to bed...he sleeps on the third floor, the bathroom is in the basement). After hysterical tears and screaming, we finally got him to put his "waking up" underwear on, put on his pajama bottoms, then he took of the bottoms, his underwear, put on his diaper (yes, he usually does that himself, yeah, yeah, I know...), then put on his "waking up" underwear over the diaper before finishing getting ready for bed. Logical...for a four year old!

Susanna (sorry, honey!) had her own "fashion show" today. Luke and Susanna learned about saving and spending money by taking money they've been given to the local Ben Franklin to spend all of $3.66 (Luke) and $2.54 (Susanna). Luke picked five dinosaurs while Susanna picked a child's "real" make up kit. Did you know blue eye shadow looks quite charming when matched with purple lipstick, both applied below the nose? She then proceeded to take off her pants and her pull up before putting on Daddy's socks which came up to the tops of her thighs. Oh, the only other things she was wearing was her shirt and a big smile. And the make up.

Kids. Gotta laugh at them!

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