Friday, January 11, 2008

Great one-liners

Heard around the house within the last 24-hours:

Susanna, stop looking at me with your eyes!

Luke, you are really pushing my buttons!


precious grandma said...

Remember when the boys kept telling me "that girl keeps following us around" and denied the fact you were their sister when I told them to keep quiet and leave LindaSue alone? And the numerous times I'd hear, "Mom, he/she's looking at me again! Make him/her stop." Ah such things mothers have to endure over the course of their children's childhood. Wouldn't trade the memories for anything.
Loved the one liners. It's amazing what Mom's can hear when they aren't supposed to be listening!

Martha said...

Posted today on my friend Katie's blog: "Nolan, Smarties are not a breakfast food"
"Ozzie, I can't zip your coat while you're licking my face"
"Aaron, Can you please play your cymbals away from Mommy's head?"

LindaSue said...

Yeah, we're now getting into the "Mama, Susanna is looking at me!" and "Mama, I love ONLY you" stage... kids, ya GOTTA love 'em (even if they drive you nuts some times!)