Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

Right now (just after midnight, early Saturday morning), the temperature here in Park Rapids is 21 below zero. That is NOT wind chill (wind chill is listed as 36 below). Tomorrow the high is forecasted to be about six below, same as Sunday's forecast. If the weather report is right, we MAY see temperatures above zero somewhere on Tuesday when it's supposed to be a balmly one degree as the high (not counting wind chill).

Ahhh. Minnesota. Anyone wanna come visit?


GramSchley said...

Lin, when your tires on your car are frozen flat on the bottom because they sat overnight on the ground, you'll know it's reallly cold.
It sure is warm indoors. This weekend is supposed to be Ohio's coldest. I think it's averaged through the years as the coldest couple of days in the winter. Can you imagine how HOT it is in places like Paraguay, which is many times just the opposite of what we have?
Make some good hot soup, eat some popcorn with it, drink hot chocolate, snuggle up with a good book, or play games with your kids, and enjoy the cold. Grandma P used to say "this too shall pass."
Love you! Aunt Carole

precious grandma said...

To me, anything below 70 F is Cold! I'm just thankful I have a warm house and enough clothes to layer them usually a minimum of 3 layers to get me through the day! (The heating blanket serves me well at night! (And of course my other half). Love you.