Thursday, January 10, 2008

new blog!

My friend Jane just added her blog to blogspot....check it out! The link is below, or just click here... -- Jane's so cool. She's our church organist, a fantastic musician (you should hear her play the triangle for the community Christmas program, hehe! -- seriously, she's probably the best pianist/organist I've ever heard, and you know we all know some extremely talented musicians), hilarious lady, someone who -while a bit older than me- isn't afraid to get out there and try new stuff... like facebook, blogs, you name it! She's been sending me the funniest emailed comments about some of my blogs, and you can find one of them listed on the bottom of her new blog (although her travelling experience comment was even funnier).

Check it out...and tell her I said hi!

Hey, did anyone else notice my favorite blogs start with J, K, L, and M? If you have a blog and your name starts with I or N (just to stay orderly....), let me know! Did anyone else notice I'm getting tired and really silly?

Oh...pray for us. Luke wanted to take a bucket to bed for "when the water comes out of his mouth." I hope I won't have to wake up Tony.... And thanks for the earlier father-in-law is doing great now!

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