Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Nativity Story (as told by Luke & Susi)

There are times I just sit and laugh as I listen to my children talking with each other and anyone who happens to be within ear shot (whether they WANT to listen or not!). Of course, I don't often have time to actually write down what they are saying, but Sunday afternoon their conversations were too funny not to jot down some notes.

Mary didn't have a wagon on her horse.

Mary came out, saw the angel, was afraid, and went to Elisabeth.

The angel said, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news. A baby has been born. Go and see Him in the manger." "Okay, Luke, thanks for telling me!" "I'm not Luke, I'm an angel!" (Mama begs to differ...)

There were no shepherds yet.

Mary first went to Elisabeth then an angel came then she went to (never did finish the sentence...)

Where is Elisabeth?

I have a good idea! The dog can be Elisabeth! (they were playing with their Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set)

Mary doesn't have a dog, so where is Elisabeth?

I have a good idea, Luke! (but it was never shared with him or anyone else....)

The wisemen came quickly, first to the bad king then they went along, dum de dum dum dum, and baby Jesus came to the manger!

They got frankysen, myhrr, and some brown.

Zacchariah was in trouble because there was fire, so Billy Blazes came!

Don't hurt the baby, oh please don't hurt the baby! Mother, the bad king killed the little baby! "no, he didn't, Susanna. God saved the little Baby." Oh. Goodbye!

I love watching Susanna play with "Baby Jesus" -- usually her favorite baby doll, a birthday gift from Grandma Carter for her first birthday, as she asks me to wrap the baby up in swaddling clothes (then asking me what ARE swaddling clothes), then gently taking the baby tightly wrapped in her favorite blanky and gently placing it either in my lap or in her doll cradle, tenderly looking down at it. She took some fancy cloth that was wrapped around a Christmas present, a white sheer with gold stars, and asked me to make her a "hat" -- so I tied it beneath her chin and she'll walk around with it tied under her chin, trailing down her back, with a princess crown on her head, princess sleeves on her arms, and she is "Mary." Won't answer to any other name and will correct you if you call her anything else! I'll post pictures when I get them on disk......

Then they proceeded, for some reason, to pretend to wash their hands, complete with sounds of squirting soap and water, after which followed this typical girl/boy conversation: "Now we need to dry our hands on the towel." "Well, I'll just dry them on my shirt!"

And again, last night after story time and prayers, Luke jumped on his bed, arms outstretched, and was an angel "Fear not! Don't be afraid! I bring you good news! Today a Savior is born, He is Christ the Lord! Let's go see Him in the manger! Go, shepherds! Glory to God!" And Susanna promptly jumped up beside him and tried to repeat the same thing but managed just "Don't be afraid! Go to the manger!"

My heart rejoices that they are learning God's Word, keeping it in their heart, and sharing it already....and it laughs at the little twists that are added (we're still working on correcting some of their theology between our giggles.....)

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