Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Play date!

Today was Luke's first "official" play date. He has lots of friends (it helps that there are about a dozen kids his own age in his Sunday School class), but he always talks about his "favorite friend" Tyler (well, his favorite friend that isn't his sister). I was thinking of inviting Tyler to Luke's birthday party, but every time I'd ask Luke who his favorite friend was, he responded with about four new names! I wasn't about to invite the entire 3-year-old Sunday School class over! However, Luke loves spending time with Tyler in Cubbies, sitting by him during story time at the library, and hanging out with him at Sunday School.

Tyler's mom and I have been talking about having them play together, but with the flu that wouldn't leave our family alone for so long, that was delayed. After several days of no signs of illness, today was the big day! Tyler was coming over!

It was great. All day yesterday, Tyler's visit was leverage for making sure toys were picked up, behavior was good, and Luke stayed in bed at bed time. ("Do you want me to call Tyler's Mama?") Okay, maybe that isn't the best thing to do, but it worked. And all this morning, Luke continuously asked "Is Tyler here yet?" and would yell up the stairs "hello!" Finally...the big moment arrived! Tyler was here! Poor kid seemed a bit overwhelmed as two eager children rushed him the moment he walked in the door, hugging him, tearing off his coat, lifting his feet so they could take off his shoes. And yet, they had a blast playing with him. Well, Susanna quickly got side tracked by Tyler's baby sister, but it wasn't her play date anyway!

We still need to work on acceptable behavior (like not pulling on clothes, and not crowding our friend's space just because we're so excited to see him), but it was a fun time for all, I think.

Luke left with Daddy just before nap time reminding me of a "good idea" -- When Susanna wakes up, we can go to Tyler's house to play!

We've close to eliminated Luke's naps now....except for Awana days when bed time is later than usual. I will miss those naps, but it makes bed time much easier. Tony has been a gem helping out this first "napless" week by taking Luke down to the "Ponderosa" (Blake's trailer home that is sitting empty since they returned to the Philippines) so he could play there for the couple hours that Susanna is down.

It's amazing, the changes that happen so quickly in children as they get older. I've just sat and laughed at Luke lately. His humor is really developing, and it is quirky, dry, and cracks me up. He sits and laughs at videos (in the spots you're actually supposed to laugh...and not just at funny sights, he really gets the funny lines!). Yesterday we watched a Mr. Quigley video -- they all end with the same song "and now it's time to say good night...." and I told the kids "okay, good night!" He looked at me with horror and shock, "Good night? Already?" And I laughed as I told him I was just teasing...we'd not even eaten supper yet. Four years old and he managed just the right amount of disdain in his voice as he replied, "funny.....mom." I didn't know whether to wince or laugh...

Oh, I love those kids! And I'm so thankful we're all finally healthy again!

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