Monday, January 7, 2008

He's FOUR!

January 7, 2004 -- birth day
Five years ago at this moment, one of my most pain-filled times was almost over. The partial epidural was taking effect, and Tony was still wondering if I'd ever be okay. Luke decided to make an early appearance, forcing an early delivery by breaking my water three weeks before his due date. Being induced is NOT a fun thing, and it is even less fun as your husband tells you how much a human delivery (medications and all) are like bovine deliveries. At least he didn't bring a rope to the hospital, as the husband of a friend of mine did (he's a vet...and it was a very unappreciated joke. At the time....)
January 7, 2005 - age one

Luke has been a joy and delight and a sometimes cause for frustration, ever since. There are times that I have to turn my back or walk out of the room so he doesn't see me laughing at something he shouldn't be doing or shouldn't have said. There are times I'm sure everyone is sick of my bragging on him (but don't'll continue!). There are times he just amazes me, listening to what his brain comes up with. There are times he brings tears to my eyes -- listening to his prayers, watching him share his most favorite things with his friends and sister, feeling him step on my back as I lay on the floor rather than walk around me....
January 7, 2006 - age two
I look at this little man and his sister and feel so inadequate in the repsonsibility God has given to me with them. I wonder if I'm going to totally screw up in raising them. Scar them somehow for life. And I'm thankful God has also given me with a wonderful husband who was also blessed with those two amazing children. I'm also thankful God has given us both good humor and is helping us both extend our patience levels.

January 7, 2007

Today Luke is four. Right now, five years ago, Dr. Fredell said, "congratulations, you have a baby boy!" Right now, today, Luke is taking a nap. He's not having the best of birthdays...yesterday morning it was his turn for the flu bug to hit (I'm pretty certain now, that hotel room incident stemmed from a definite mild concussion and not the flu that we have all experienced now). He's feeling better but much more subdued than usual, having spent the most of the morning going between playing with birthday presents and laying on the couch. We had his party Friday evening so that the Blake cousins could celebrate with us before returning to the Philipines Saturday morning. As usual, I don't have my photos from the party yet....but it was a blast for everyone, I think!

July 2007

You'll see birthday photos soon. He was thrilled with his David and Goliath-themed evening. You'll read more bragging, I'm sure, as the days and months continue...


Martha said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!!! Yesterday we looked at old family Christmas card pictures and the boys kept going back to the ones of Luke and Susanna. So glad that you are here and are bringing joy to people's lives!

precious grandma said...

What a wonderful grandson God chose to add to our family when he gave us Luke! What a joy he is to us with his happy nature. We pray it will continue all through his life. Love you all.
Yes, Luke, It was really Papa and Precious Grandma that sang to you on the phone today.