Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well, if you say so...

The weather forecast was possible showers this evening, so on the way home I told the kids we needed to pray for rain (so Tony wouldn't have to irrigate as much and so I wouldn't have to lug water for our little garden and our flowers).

Two little heads promptly bowed. I heard whispers. Then, "Mama, God said He would!" "He would what, Luke?" "God said He'd send rain!"

"Um, Luke, what does God sound like?"


"Luke, when God said He'd send rain, what did His voice sound like?"

"Oh, Mama! He sounded like a chicken!"

Well, whatever He sounded like to my little boy, God sent some rain tonight!

Thanks, God!


precious grandma said...

That was just too good! If you have the faith of a grain of a mustard seed... I pray Luke's faith will always remain strong. What a boy! (Susanna, too). Faith like that can put adilts to shame. We expect BIG things and don't take time to listen for God's answers!

liz said...

I LOVE when kids hear from God and share with the grown-ups! Thanks for this story!