Monday, July 7, 2008

Another new life

"Queen Susanna" on her throne and in royal garb

Susanna cracks me up. She is so different than Luke and me...very similar to her daddy in many ways, but definitely her own unique person!

We've been trying to get them to understand the concept of "yesterday." Often, anything in the past is "last year." She finally created her own word to describe the past. Lasterday. Hey, it works for her!
Susanna is a very literal person and will take your words exactly for what they are, whether you mean them that way or not. And if she doesn't think she can do something you ask her to do, she'll not even attempt it, telling you "I just can't do it, Mama."
She is also quite fickle, changing her mind every few seconds, which often drives us nuts! "No, no, oh wait, I mean yes! Oh, no, I don't want that. Wait! Yes!!!"

Susi also has her own friend, "Alex Tender." We have never met Alex, nor will we ever, but Alex tells Susanna quite a few things and goes thru experiences very similar to favorite Bible stories. We hear many things about Alex Tender!

Today, Susanna was excited because she got to go to the farm and take a nap with Grandma while Luke was going to be Daddy's helper. Luke left for the farm while Susi finished up lunch over a nice chat with me. She informed me, quite matter of fact, that she loves me. And she loves Daddy. And Luke. And, of course, she loves Jesus. Very much. In fact, just last night, she told me, she prayed and asked Jesus to take away all her sins, just like Luke did before. "And you know what, Mama? He did. Well, He left some of His blood behind on me, but He let the rest of it wash away all my sins!"

This Mama's heart has been bursting ever since! Thank You, Jesus!

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liz said...

Praising God with you!