Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy Days

I'm home right now, having been at our county fair all morning, laughing at the things Luke is saying while laying down for "rest" time. Hic. "I don't like hiccups." hic "Don't do that again, hiccups." hic "I love you, God." hic

Susanna cracked me up yesterday afternoon as I was taking the kids to the farm before heading in to the fair for the evening. "God, we need some rain. Send some soon, okay, God? Hey, do You hear me, God? Are You there? Hey, God? Do You hear me?" Luke must have been tired of hearing her because in a deep voice he replied, "Yes, I hear you. I'll send rain." And boy, did it rain! I was getting ready to call her from the fair to tell her, "Tell God we have enough rain for tonight, Sus!"

The fair -- yep, good ole Hubbard County Fair. I remember the first time I went to the fair. I was amazed there was no gate admission...then I saw how small the fair was (compared to Trumbull County where I grew up, Broward County (Florida), and Orange County (CA) and understood why it was free to get in! Last year, I had a Watkins booth at the fair and did okay business...but this year, it's really going great! It's fun being with most of the same vendors, seeing people I know from church and the market and other places, and just getting to know new people.

If you live near by...stop in and say hi!

(Luke's hiccups are gone.....)

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