Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Luke's Music Class

Last Spring, we enrolled Luke in a beginning music class through our home school network. It was geared towards children ages 4-6 with the intention of just introducing them to basic rhythm, melodies, and music symbols. What a blast! Luke looked forward to going every week, and Susi cannot wait until she's old enough to take part, too.

Luke learned the symbols for several basic music things such as p piano, very quiet and his favorite f FORTE, VERY LOUD!!! He learned what a quarter note looks like and how to march to quarter notes and how to drop to the ground and curl in a ball to take a "rest" when that symbol was shown (I need to make a poster of the "rest" symbol to use at home!). They learned that when Mrs. Hodge had an up arrow, they were to sing very high like a bird, but the down arrow meant they should sing low like a whale.

It was great watching close to 18 children learning and putting that information to use. I was amazed at how well Mrs. Hodge trained these children, many who had absolutely no musical background. They learned several songs, made musical instruments (um, where DID his kazoo and tambourine disappear to????), banged around on the piano, and marched in a circle to the beat that Mrs. Hodge would play, mixing different beats and rests each time.

And the best part -- they had a recital! Following are some pics (of course!).

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