Friday, July 25, 2008

Buyer Beware!

This morning, the kids and I took a little trek across the yard, across the road, and over to Cypren and Athena's house to "go shopping" at their garage sale. The kids had some of their "store" money tight in their hands, and even Athena's invitation to Susanna to play with her was met with a very pleasant, "no thank you. I am going to buy something." We bought some bears for Grandma Carter's birthday and Christmas (Grandpa, don't let Grandma read this blog!), picked out lots of books, passed on many toys (except for the "really COOL blue motorcycle), bought Daddy a video on Caribou bow hunting in the north, and also picked out our first Popeye video.

Before supper, Tony popped in the Popeye video and burst out laughing. I had carefully read the back to make sure it wouldn't be inapporpriate for the kids...but failed to read where it said "DUBBED IN SPANISH"! Maybe my first clue should have been that all the other kids videos were in Spanish (Rosie is from Central America), but all the words on the video cover were in English!

Guess what. Popeye laughs the same in English and in Spanish. And guess what else. With Popeye, you don't really need to understand what he's saying anyway (well, does anyone know what he's really saying in English?). The kids were enthralled, every once in awhile Tony or I would burst in to laughter at the absurdity of it all, and Luke has proved he has that "male humor" -- you know, the stuff girls roll their eyes at while boys just go to stitches?

Karen, if you ever visit this far north, we have something to watch to remind your boys of home!

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precious grandma said...

I had a good laugh with that one! Did Popeye eat Spanish spinach also? (r maybe his spinach in Spanish?)