Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sam I Do

Susanna woke up bright and chipper this morning, well before her big brother. As Daddy left for work, Luke continued to sleep, and Mama input AWANA awards certification on the internet, Susanna read and sang to Mama....

"Sam I do, you are fun and so kind!"

Hm, I wonder if the kids and Mom in "The Cat In The Hat" REALLY thought he was fun and kind!

She also sang a little song, "Sam I do, you are so fun! God loves you and be nice to everyone!"

1 comment:

precious grandma said...

Sam, I Do sounds a bit like Lydia's "Happy to you" cake. They know hat they mean.
I like Susanna's song. She just might become a composer! (At least she's happy!) Love you all.