Monday, May 5, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

I don't know how many of you have watched this's on ABC Sunday nights at 7:00 here (but since we live in a central time zone, our viewing times are messed may be on at 8:00 for most of you!).

This show is a favorite of ours, one we've watched probably when it first started airing on TV. Luke loved watching the demo teams when he was just a baby. I enjoy seeing the before and after shots of each home as well as hearing the different stories of the families featured on the show. It also drives home how very blessed we are, both in health and in home.

A few weeks back, we started realizing how much is sinking in with the kids on the show. We had a kid vid on for Luke and Susi to watch, and Daddy did the unpardonable...stepped between Luke and the TV. However, Tony and I both couldn't stop laughing when Luke yelled out, "MOVE THAT BUS!"

Today, I realized again how much the kids take in while watching that show. Susi went to the Market with me today as I am slowly starting to put out products and prices before we open for the season (hopefully one day next week...there's still so much to do! And the asparagus still isn't ready!). For the first time, she saw the playhouse that Tony has been building for the kids. "Oh my goodness! Wow! Look at that!"

It was like we were watching the "reveal" last night all over again!

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precious grandma said...

It's an amazing show! I can just see Luke and Susanna being all absorbed in it, and acting out their own version! Can hardly wait to see them!