Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All about Watkins!

Last week I wrote some about Watkins awesome new laundry detergent, all natural, no chemicals, amazing cleaning power! I have really been enjoying all of Watkins cleaning products even more lately.

The fragrances are fantastic...scented only with natural and essential oils, you don't have to worry about artificial, overpowering, fake aromas. I'm personally not a huge fan of lavendar, but I'll tell you -- their lavendar scent makes you think you're in fields of lavendar!

The kids love to "help" me around the house, and I decided to let them help tackle the bathroom last week. Luke climbed into the bath tub, armed with Watkins Citrus Tub and Tile cleaner, while Susanna crouched down and aimed her bottle of lemon-scented all purpose cleaner at the floor. PLEASE NOTE! Even though these are chemical-free cleaners and safe to use around children and animals, make sure you supervise your little ones if they "help" you! The bath tub sparkled when Luke was done, and the one tile that Susanna squirted and wiped over and over and over was shiny clean.

My upline recently wrote something in our monthly newsletter that really got me thinking. She has a great write up on some of the cleaners and mentioned this thought....(paraphrased) "next time you clean your kitchen counters with a chemical cleaner, remember it is just a matter of time before someone makes a sandwich on that counter. Do you REALLY want your family eating food that was on top of chemicals? Yikes! I'd never thought of that...but I also don't need to worry about it. I use Watkins all-natural, chemical-free all-purpose cleaner on MY counters and kitchen table!

At a recent party I hosted, one of the guests is a nurse and reminded everyone that our skin is the body's largest organ. When we are wearing clothes that have been washing in "regular" detergents or have ANY kind of fabric softeners on them, we are unknowingly ingesting lots of different chemicals through our skin. Ewww!

And as I mentioned at my Watkins party last night when someone told me they like lots of suds in their sink when washing dishes (Watkins dish soap doesn't have alot of suds), you can either have suds up to your elbows while washing your dishes in chemical-laden dish soap (that doesn't fully rinse off in rinse water) or you can be assured that your dishes are food, grease, and chemical free when using Watkins lavendar, lemon, or aloe & green tea dish soap.

Got a dishwasher? We have a wonderful lemon-scented dishwasher detergent. To be honest, it doesn't leave my dishes sparkly clean and shiny like Cascade and Jet Dry did...BUT I also know that my dishes are thoroughly clean and not laden with chemicals waiting to come in contact with my family's food when I cook and serve.

Okay, am I going overboard when I bring all this stuff up? Some might think so. But more and more research is showing how cleaners and detergents are affecting adults and children. Schools are recommending that unscented detergents be used as many of the scents are causing headaches and poor attention spans in kids. There are studies out that show dish soaps do leave chemicals on our dishes. According to a Newsweek article a few months back, random blood tests on a wide array of people from different parts of the nation, different ages, different ethnic groups are showing alarming levels of chemicals in people that shouldn't be there. Infants and toddlers have high levels of certain chemicals that in the past took a life time of exposure for a normal person to have those levels. Where are they coming from? What is something we're all exposed to, regardless of our income levels, ethnic backrounds, and the location we live? Cleaners.

What is causing so many cases of ADD, ADHD, and other chemical imbalances in so many of our adults and children today? I don't know how much can be traced to the chemicals in our house holds from cleaners and other things, but I do know that with my family, I don't want to take chances when there is a very reasonably priced alternative available. Yes, the price is a bit more than your average household cleaner, but compared to other "green" products, Watkins can't be beat. Watkins all purpose cleaner costs $5.99 US but goes a long way and cleans a huge variety of things, including carpets, cars, tables, counters, stoves, and more. Their all purpose concentrate makes five bottles of cleaner and costs only $15.99. Their laundry detergent, while in a small bottle, is ultra concentrated and does 32 loads for $12.99, twice the loads if you have an HE washer (yep, it's compatable for HEs!).

If you're interested in learning more, drop me an email or a comment. If you're interested in trying the products, follow the link at the upper left side of this page to get to my website -- you can order and have it shipped directly to you. If you want to take the full leap and try all their all-natural, chemical-free cleaning products, there is a great package deal. For $64.71 US (plus tax and shipping), you get nine of their products -- the laundry detergent, all purpose cleaner, furniture polish, dish soap, hand soap, toilet bowl cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, window cleaner, and all purpose wipes. That's alot of bang for your buck! The dishwasher detergent is not included in the starter kit simply because many people don't have a dishwasher.

Can you tell I love these products?????

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