Thursday, May 8, 2008

Iron Man Cubbie and other cute things

Okay, before last Friday I had never heard of Iron Man. Maybe it's because I'm so out of touch, maybe it's because Iron Man really doesn't have that big of an impact (although, from what I discovered later that weekend, Iron Man is some kind of super hero and is the star of some movie that came out last week....showing here in town....and supposedly was the highest grossing movie of the weekend).

Anyway, at Burger King, Luke got some snap together Iron Man toy and Iron Man became his new hero...based only on that. That night, having never actually seen a picture of the "real" Iron Man, Luke decided he would become Iron Man. Hence, the outfit. Please note, the entire outfit is all part of Iron Man -- bulky overnight underwear, Bob the Builder pjs, and "scary mask like Daddy wears for hunting." Oh yeah, and big muscles.

Last night was also a big man for my Iron Man. It was the last night of AWANA for this year (we go by the school year)...Awards night complete with ice cream sundaes afterwards. It's the first time I remember that we actually didn't have enough room for all the clubbers to sit -- we had to cram parents together to fit in all the kids that were there! Not something to complain about at all! We average 300 in attendance on a regular AWANA night...that count includes about 60 regular leaders and listeners, so we're reaching between 225-250 children from age 3 through 6th grade (before they go into a program directed at teens) each week with the gospel of Christ, training them to serve HIM! (if you're familiar with AWANA, you're familiar with that line!).
Susanna was excited that she finally got to go to AWANA again and even have ice cream! While the children took turns going up front for their awards (those that finished a full book during the year -- 32 sections with at least that many bible verses), she entertained the masses (okay, maybe a dozen or so folks) sitting behind her by pulling down her pants and shaking around her naked tushie...Daddy and Grandma being totally oblivious to her antics, Mama busy handing out awards and running back and forth to the kitchen making sure everything was ready for ice cream. Yes, she is my shy one, and NO, I promise you she has never seen that at home (unless it was done by her brother at one time or another).

Luke, however, did a great job when he was up front getting his award and singing with the rest of the Cubbies. I was pleased to see he was one of the few who were actually singing, jumping, and clapping...when they were supposed to! The photos are fuzzy, but you can see him in his cute Cubbie vest, pleased as punch.

He must have made some good we were eating ice cream, our music ministry director for the church came up to ask me if I thought Luke would sing a solo at church on Sunday for both services. Hm. Luke go up front and entertain hundreds of people with a solo? Yeah, that would be right up his alley...but I did check with him. We sang the song together for a few times, he got it down pat, and told Anna that yes, he wanted to sing. On the way home, he informed me that he wanted to sing a different song instead. Since his favorite song is Mary had a little lamb, I immediately cut him off and told him it was the song Mrs. Campbell gave him or nothing at all. He was content to "settle" for her song. Now...will he sing? And will he sing the song she gave him? Will we remember to bring our video camera? Will he do something even more mortifying than his sister did last night? He did sing it perfectly for his music teacher today. But on Sunday? Stay tuned....

For those of you who would like to teach your own children the song Luke is singing, here it is, to the tune of Fere Jacques (or however you spell that!):

I love Mama, I love Mama,
Yes, I do! Yes, I do!
Mamas are for hugging
Mamas are for kissing
I love you, yes, I do!

Now, if all goes well (and even if it doesn't), could I even dream of a better Mother's Day present (no, honey, don't get any ideas!).

And regardless of how happy Luke is to tell the world of his love for his Mama, Susi did put me in my place today. As I was brushing her hair into piggy tails, she informed me, "Mama, you are not perfect." "I'm not?" "Oh no, Mama," she reassured me. "Other Mamas might be perfect, but you are not!"
I forgot to ask her what she thought "perfect" meant! Sigh.


precious grandma said...

Just think, next year you'll have 2 in Awana! You;ll be twice as busy.
Susi's antics are obviously Carter genes. You never did stuff like that.

Oh yeah, I forgot that your brother streaked down the middle of the street toward the main post office on his tricycle at her age.

I'm glad you're not perfect. It gives you something to work toward!
Let us know when Susi thinks you made the "perfect" grade, and what criteria she used. Love you.

LindaSue said...

she told me tonight I was the perfect Mama.