Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just some stuff....

My poor husband! Last night there was a frost advisory...the temps once again dipped below freezing...after we have several crops planted and some blossoms already out on strawberry plants. That meant Tony was up at 3 a.m. watering areas, rotating the water, checking things, covering things (although he did much of the covering before night-fall). He did catch some sleep here and there on the couch at the farm, but it didn't amount to much. After coming home around 7:30 a.m., he was able to catch a couple hours sleep...but not enough to make up for what he lacked overnight. Unfortunately, there is another frost advisory, so it'll be more of the same.

Susanna was a "farmer girl" today, pretty much "helping" Grandma around the farm while Luke went with me again to the nursery in Detroit Lakes, helping lug flowers to our giant cart to bring back to sell at the Market. And even though Susanna and Grandma took a 2.5 hour nap, I'm still not sure who is the most tired in our house!

Grandma joined us for supper -- Grandpa had quartet practice at church tonight; his old group is giving a performance on Sunday, June 8, in the evening...if you live in the area, you do not want to miss it!

The kids were begging Grandma to play with them after supper, so she asked them what they wanted to play. Susi was quick to ask her to be a doggie. Grandma asked what she was going to do with her...tie her up on a chain (the new farm dog experienced being tied up today for the first time and did NOT enjoy it!). Quite innocently and matter-of-factly, Susanna told Grandma, "no, I'm not going to tie you up, just put you in a cage." Gotta give Grandma credit, though. At one point, she was on her hands and knees "wagging" her tail behind her! And I didn't have my camera or video recorder near by!

Susanna also spilled the beans to Grandpa today about a little accident Grandma had last week -- from what I've heard, Luke was riding his bike when Grandma came by on the golf cart and didn't see him....he jumped off quick, but the bike wasn't as fortunate. One tire was broken...but the bike is fixable. And Luke is convinced that his wonderful Daddy can fix anything! Thankfully, it wasn't his new bike...and even more thankfully, he wasn't hurt. It did cause a bit of panic in me when I heard as that happened the morning after Stephen Curtis Chapman's daughter was accidentally run over and died as a result.

Things are going so-so at the Market so far this year. We have lots of road construction in town leading to the Market and it has definitely cut back on our business. However, business was better this Memorial Day weekend than it was last year! A cool spring has also cut into the plant sales that we usually enjoy, but I'm expecting things to really pick up this coming weekend. We're also doing another "sampling" at the Market on Saturday -- six different barbecue sauces. An apple butter BBQ, "Screaming Hornet" (very, very hot!) BBQ, two by Grandma Fosters (mild and spicy), and two from Watkins (original and mesquite). Along with the BBQ, we'll be sampling six cheese balls -- white cheddar and chive, mandarin orange, lemon, bell pepper and garlic, bananas foster, and my favorite, mint chocolate chip (see, all you out-of-towners, what you're missing by being so far away???). We'll see how it goes...

Folks, I'm tired! I'm signing off now...I'm finishing typing up an email from my mother-in-law for the family, then I have a few things to wrap up downstairs before heading to bed. Tomorrow is laundry day, planting flowers day (please, no more frost!), and I'm also having lunch with a dear friend who is leaving with her family on Sunday for Alaska. They've moved back and forth between there and here over the past several years, but this time really may be for good. I'll miss them all...they're a wonderful family, and Cheryl is a great friend...

I'm sure there are other funny things the kids have said and done that I want to share, but at this point, I'm too tired to remember them. If I ever do, you'll probably hear about them!

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