Friday, May 2, 2008

Down on the Farm

Wow, usually by this time of year, we're gearing up to open the Market...but while we're still gearing up for this season, the weather has not been cooperating! It's still cold and chilly here with a few nice days scattered in for reassurance that yes, winter is going to end soon! Our forecast for tonight is rain, possibly light snow (since we are once again dipping below freezing).

Diana has been busy getting the inside of the Market cleaned while Tony and Clinton have been working on the outside with various projects. Some planting at the farm has been delayed because of the weather, but Tony's hoping to get much more planted outside in the next week or so. We're all eagerly anticipating the first asparagus of the spring...but have no idea when it will be! He's going to be quite busy as the weather continues to warm getting everything into the ground!

Next week I'll probably be doing some stocking and pricing of items at the Market, so everything will seem more real then...we WILL be opening this year! We've heard several folks tell us that weather predictions for this summer show a cooler and wetter year than usual; it'll be interesting to see if that affects the crops.

Out of 17 expected calves this year, 15 have come already, although one didn't make it more than a day or so. We had another calf born several days ago that was was a first birth for the mama and she had some problems, but after a couple days we knew things would be fine for the calf...although there were some potential leg problems that now also seem to have gone away.

We're still waiting for budding trees and blossoming flowers but know that can't be too far away!

And we have the reassurance that God is in control. How cool is that?

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precious grandma said...

When's the official opening date? We'll certainly keep you in our prayers.