Monday, May 11, 2009


Wow, two posts in one day....don't get used to this! Especially since I'll be posting more on Mother's Day POSSIBLY today or in the next day or so...with lots of pictures! By the way, my kids brought me breakfast in bed today...yesterday we had to be at church early and Tony was there even earlier. They were so cute! Brought up a tray complete with a yellow rose, two red roses, egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, hot tea, and each added a favorite item -- a much-loved bag of dried fruit and an almond. They also came up several times to see if I needed or wanted anything else. Awwww....gotta love 'em, in spite of how bad they were yesterday morning!

Anyway! Today is my sister-in-law Beth's birthday! I don't know how old she is and wouldn't post it even if I did know....but I sure am enjoying our friendship and hope she has a very blessed day today.

Today would have been my Grandma Pavkov's birthday, too. I've lost count at this point, but I think she would have been 97 or 98. All I know is she is in eternity with Jesus where age no longer matters!

I know there are so many shared birthdays and special days out there, but I gotta share with you just a few of the shared special days in my shared side and Tony's side of the family as well as some others who share my special day....

There was a boy in my class named Jeff Evans who shared the same birthday as me. We never checked what time we were each born, although I doubt it was within minutes of each other! I used to think I had a crush on him...he had wavy brown hair and LOTS of freckles...I even tackled him in kindergarten to give him a kiss, but as we grew older, it was just the novelty of a shared birthday that was attractive to me (although I really did like his freckles!). (Side note...I recently caught up with Jeff again on Facebook...he no longer has wavy brown hair...he no longer has HAIR, and I didn't see any freckles either...). I think it is much more exciting now to also share a birthday with Lynette Butler who's husband Keith's birthday is the day after Tony's, and whose anniversary is exactly one month after ours.

I was also born on my Aunt Carole's birthday...and the day after her youngest sister Kath (who made my wedding cake). Aunt Carole's daughter Martha shares a birthday with Tony. Her oldest son Stephen was born on my brother Ron's birthday...her two youngest sons share the same birthday, but they are two years apart. (I have two other friends who have children sharing a birthday, but not the same year....Janet Thompson's children and Cheryl Sackett's children).

Andrew's (nephew) birthday is the same day as my grandparents' anniversary was...I was kind of hoping Susanna would wait until February 20 to share that same special day but was really glad when she finally was born, since I had labor so strong she sent me to the hospital on five false alarms! However, my brother Ron's youngest daughter was born on February 20 (Andrew's birthday) the year after Susanna was born. Beth Carter shared a birthday with my grandma before she (my grandma) passed away...and that's two days before Julia's (sister-in-law) birthday. Paul (brother-in-law) shared a birthday with my grandpa before he, too (grandpa, not Paul), passed away. And while Hazel (niece) was born a couple days after my birthday, she shares a birthday with another one of my cousins. Elisabeth (niece) was born on my mother's birthday...which happens to be the day before my father's birthday...which is the day before Al (brother-in-law) and Carrie's (niece) birthday...which is the day before Jonathan's (brother-in-law) birthday. Mark's (brother-in-law) birthday is the same as another of Aunt Carole's children, my cousin Dianne. Aunt Carole's son-in-law Joe shares a birthday with Clinton (nephew). Aunt Carole's husband Ralph shares a birthday with my brother Ron's wife Tammy.

Luke was born on my cousin Traci's anniversary, and Ron's oldest son Nathanael was born on another uncle's anniversary. My cousin Richard was born on his parents' anniversary (what a present!). David and Rita (sister-in-law) have their anniversary on one of my favorite aunts' birthday...and my cousin Adriel (Aunt Kath's son...his wife helped make our wedding cake) was born on Dad and Mama Carter's anniversary...which is a week before my parents' anniversary. Adriel and his wife Belen have their anniversary on Tessa's birthday.

Did you follow all that?

Regardless...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH!!! (and Chester, another friend from church...any other's today??)


precious grandma said...

Timothy and Christopher share a birthday with U. Ken. Tabitha is the day before Luke which was also U. Ted's birthday. A. Sue and U. Ernie shared the same brithday, and as Gramp would say, they also shared the same anniversary day). I'm sure there are many more like those you mentioned. Kind of fun to read.

Martha said...

This was like reading the begats in the Bible. Whoever's birthday this really is, happy birthday to you.

liz said...

Wow, I'm very impressed that you are able to collect and contain all that info, Lin. Just one of your many gifts....

GramS said...

OK, so I just got to this post.
Very interesting, Lin.

Here's more to add to your list:
Adalaid Pavkov and Moriah
Lily on the day before her Mom, Di's B-day
Joe & Liz got married on Roger's B-day
Gaby was born on Traci's B-day
Aumaine and Edson share a B-day
Piper Pavkov was born on Denise & Hernan's ann.
I had these handy since a couple of weeks ago I finallly sat down and did month to month list of Pavkov family birthdays! I totally forget them. I'm not like Gram, who had them hand written on her kitchen calendar every year, along with many other friends, and never missed anyone's birthday, either. Now I can just look at the list in order and know someone's b-day for sure. (It also has the date they were born or married.)
Yes, ours is comming up soon!
Happy birthday to you.
Happy everyday to all of us!!