Monday, May 18, 2009

The Funny Things They Say

Luke woke up today, and the first words out of his mouth was a mumble...."It's Monday...gotta get up." Five years old and already knows Mondays aren't always fun to start.....

Decades ago when my Grandpa was working, a young lad came along and Grandpa asked him how far he could count. Came the reply, "all the way home!" Well, Luke topped that reply on Friday, when our good friend Dorothy stopped in to the market. "How far can you count, Luke?" "All the way to the next number!" "Great! But how high can you count?" "As high as this!" and pointed to the top of one of the shelves.....

He and Susanna also shared almost a full can of rootbeer last night before bed (yeah, BAD Daddy and Mama, especially when they still aren't completely night-trained....). Around 11:30, I heard feet pitter patter out of their room then make a bee-line for the basement. It was Luke heading to the bathroom, calling out "Mama!" I headed down with him and he proceeded to get rid of that can of rootbeer. He went, and went. And went some more before finally turning to me with sleepy eyes asking "When is it ever going to STOP???"

Susanna also has been coming up with her own means to keep us laughing. "Isn't it ADOWABLE?" and "It's just so CUTE!" with a little squeal at the end usually keeps us in stitches or at least gives us a big grin. And over the most hilarious things...a piece of rhubarb cake. A tiny piece of clay. A pot sticker.

She has also taken to deciding her own consequences for naughty actions (not that we necessarily follow what she decides is the appropriate action). "It was wong. I deserve a sitting in the naughty spot."

And last week, the day we headed for the Cities, Luke woke up and immediately said, "Wake up, Susi! Today is the day you go away with Mama! Aren't you EXCITED????" To which she retorted, "Aren't YOU excited?"

And now for another day of fun and laughter (I hope!).


Martha said...

I love funny stories!

precious grandma said...

grandpa would have loved that!Now, see why Grandma kept a diary? Years later it's even funnier than it is now. I really get homesick for those kids! July can't come soon enough!