Saturday, May 9, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Well, my trip to the Cities was good...tiring and busy, but good. Part of what made it so good was that Susanna came with me -- we had a girls' trip and both ended up missing our guys pretty badly! But we stayed in a hotel we'd stayed at as a family last fall, and that was a high light for Susi. Toddler swimming pool with a frog slide -- yeah, she loved it! They also upgraded me to a suite...then gave me the jacuzzi suite! Sadly, the jacuzzi didn't work, but it was still nice and relaxing. So much so that Susanna, enjoying a bath after a morning swim before we left, informed me that I could just leave her there forever. We had some great girl time together... it was really special for us both (I think!).

Before we left home, though, Susanna ran upstairs and brought down the "spanking stick" to take with us. I told her, "I don't think we'll need to take that. I have a feeling you're going to be a very good girl." She then informed me, "Mama, you'd better take it. I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty naughty!" She did start getting a bit mouthy at one time, and when I asked her if I'd have to pull over and get out the spanking stick that SHE packed, she looked a bit panicked and asked "did you really bring it???" We didn't need it though!

We had a great time visiting with my niece Tessa, too, who rode down with us to spend a day with another niece, Carrie, who attends Bethel University. It was great seeing Carrie, as well!

I had some pretty successful stops while there, and hopefully those leads will become good business deals for me.

While we were gone, some pretty exciting things happened here, too. Daddy took the training wheels off Luke's little boy is riding a 2-wheel bike by himself! Well, from what I understand, he falls off the bike as often as he rides it...but he keeps getting back on!

I look at my kids lately and am amazed at how quickly they are growing up. Where did the time go? Luke has lost all the baby fat from his face and is starting to really look like a "big kid" now. And lately, he's been pretty free to let us know when a female looks good to him...or when one doesn't! He was fascinated with a powerpoint show at our AWANA awards, seeing some of the older girls on there -- Mama, they look really good to me! it starting already???? He's only five!!!

Susanna loves helping me with anything in the kitchen. I love how much she imitates me (usually), and get a kick out of watching her attempt things on her own.

One of the things I love most, though, is how much my children love each other. Susanna cried several times when we were gone because she missed Luke so much. Her biggest smile the whole time (outside of things involving water) was when she talked with Luke on the telephone. She also picked out a stuffed dinosaur to bring back to him...and spent more than five minutes picking out just the right one!

I spent today stocking quite a bit at the market with one of our employees, Barb. We got alot done, but not quite everything. We're opening on Friday, so if you're in the area...stop by! And check out our website. We have everything updated (except the opening date) -- == let me know what you think!

Well, I'm ready to head for bed. Just got done making a breakfast casserole and some home made cinnamon rolls for a family brunch tomorrow at Mark and Beth's in honor of Mother's Day. And as I was making them, I wondered how in the world I ended up making MY Mother's Day meal??? Isn't that Tony and the kids' job??? Hm, maybe we'll have Mother's Day on Monday, too! But...I know that Tony will do something special for me :) Luke has already informed me he's going to tell everyone tomorrow that I'm the best Mama ever and that I really, really love flowers.

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