Sunday, December 14, 2008

Something Fun

Today my kids are being introduced to a childhood favorite. We are snowed in with a raging blizzard (no Christmas program tonight....), so we made breakfast for daddy -- "painted" some toast (a great idea from Marie at Make and Takes blog...I'm putting a link to the've got to check out her site!), made fried eggs and hot chocolate, and are all settled in for this nasty storm. While I'm having fun checking out some new blogs (Make and Takes as well as Cafe Johnsonia. again, look for a permanent link to the right), the kids and daddy are watching Mary Poppins.

Tony has lately been asking the kids for a password before they can enter the room. Luke will often ask me what the password is. It's usually "rutabaggies" (don't ask me, Tony comes up with it), but I have convinced Luke that it is "supercalifragalisticespealadocious" or HOWEVER you spell that! It's been fun listening to him try and wrap his four-year-old tongue around that big word (unsuccessful, so far).

A few minutes ago, he raced upstairs. "Mama, Mama, what is that movie we're watching again?" "Mary Poppins?" "Yeah, that's it! She used that same word you to, Mama!" "What word?" "You know, super, um, cali, um fraga, um esdocious." And off he went, to watch her again. Soon he was back. "She said it again, Mama!" "Really? Do you think she is fun, Luke?" "YES!" "Would you like her to babysit sometime?" "Mama, is she really in this world?"

How did I get such a smart kid?

Okay, check out the new links....IF you have the time! And if you don' mark 'em for a later time!


Martha said...

Ok, you should NOT have posted Cafe Johnsonia!!!!! I DON'T HAVE TIME TO LOOK AT IT ALL!!!! Actually, I've really enjoyed browsing some of it. Maybe one of these days I'll take more time to look some more. It looks fun! Thanks ... and have a great snow day!

precious grandma said...

I'm glad I'm freezing in OHIO instead of actually frozen in Park Rapids. Just saw your temp is -7 with the wind chill at -30! Just a tad bit too cold for me. Enjoy your time together during your storm. So many neat things you can all do together. Hope Tony doesn't have to go out in this weather, but then, who will tend to the cows? You're all in our prayers.

Karen said...

I still don't envy you all!!!!

liz said...

I want to be snowed in!