Wednesday, December 10, 2008

God's Sense of Humor?

So I get done posting my blog, head downstairs, and Luke informs me he's feeling better (although Tony did have a bowl next to him....just in case). He had eaten some peaches and lemonade for breakfast and now just wanted to snuggle. My little boy curled up on my lap, told me "Mama, I love you." Then proceeded to throw up all over me. Yes, laugh, go ahead. I know one day I will, too, and I already see the humor in it, but I'm not actually finding it funny yet.

I immediately yelled, "LUKE! TONY!" and shoved him off my lap as he continued. Most of the rest went into the bowl and he says he's doing much better now. Running around (not as much as usual). Hungry (restricted to saltines and chicken soup right now). And right now is nap time. (And Tony took off for the farm...please, God, no more humor or stretching for me right now, okay????)

I love my wonderful husband who cleaned up most of the mess and stayed with the kids while I went to town to run errands (and took as long as possible). My first stop was a neighbor's who had already read my blog and laughed and commiserated with me when I told her what happened. She is just like me and has a wonderful hubby who cleaned things up for their brood when they were growing up. SHE understands what I'm going thru! I stopped at the bank, dropped some things off at other places, then stopped at church where I started talking with another dear friend....and lost it. She just wrapped her arms around me and prayed for me and Tony and the kids and me again and really helped.

Why is this so difficult? Why am I such a wimp about this?

I did find out a not-quite-24-hour bug is going around and went through at least one family at church already last week. The mom told me the trick is to make sure you get lots of sleep, don't drink many fluids during this time (although logic says otherwise), but after about 12 hours or so, the worst is over and you just need rest. I'm hoping no one else will get or at least it will be quick and merciful! Tony did call in to tell his AWANA director that we'd all be staying home tonight...make sure nothing is spread to the rest of the kids!


liz said...

One year Joe was working all day on Christmas so we planned a nice Christmas Eve dinner, just the four of us. Taylor was as cheerful as always, but he wasn't eating. He just didn't want to (very out of character).

I, being the good mom I am/was, made him eat a little. Which he promptly threw up all over the Christmas Eve table (and the rest of our dinner). I dealt with it, but I haven't forced him to eat since.

precious grandma said...

Try some blackberry wine (or jelly) It will settle the stomach and the diarrhea.
Lin, your are just a typical, normal mom! We all (I think) have the same fears about our kids being sick. Probably, because we can't make them all better with a snap of our fingers, we can't clear their throats, blow their little noses, or cough up the junk in their lungs. But we CAN pray for their good health and our abilities to deal with the not so good times.
(And just be sure to keep Tony around for a long, long time...even after you're grandparents, because grand kids get sick when you babysit sometimes. Love you all.