Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Carter Christmas....the Food

This is from our formal get-together at Mark's house on December 26 -- we enjoyed some yummy snacks!


Martha said...

Who made the olive penguins? Can you get instructions? I would love to make those! :)

LindaSue said...

My SIL Julia -- there was some website she was talking about, but by that time, I was so exhausted nothing much was registering. I know it's a jumbo olive on the bottom filled with cream cheese and a little v cut out, put together with a small empty black olive on top (using a cocktail toothpick) -- a carrot slice with a v cut out for the feet, the v from the carrot is used for the nose. And she used a dab of cream cheese to "fasten" them to the tray. Great, aren't they?

liz said...

Joe's mom has made those--cute and YUMMY!