Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Funny Kid Stuff

So today at lunch, we were wiping out the great chicken recipe I tried last night (courtesy of Cafe Johnsonia's blog....the basalmic chicken...forget the exact name of it). It is a GREAT recipe, quick to do, and I'm glad I did six pieces of chicken instead of only four. We were eating left over chicken, noodles, sweet corn, and fresh pineapple. I asked Susanna which food was her favorite, and with a smile she pointed to her mini-bowtie noodles (big surprise!). "Which is your next favorite?" Fingers pointing, she went for the pineapple. Then the chicken. I then asked, "what is your next favorite?" And she pointed to.... Luke! Who in turn promptly got off his chair and gave her a big hug.

Guess Carter sweet corn isn't quite as good if it isn't fresh on the cob!

and maybe we should work on that loving your brother more than your noodles thing, too....

1 comment:

precious grandma said...

Actually, she did answer your question of her favorite food. Luke really isn't food until she bites him.
I'd vote for the Carter's corn anytime...fresh or frozen!