Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Play House

In downloading pictures the other day, I realized there are so many things I've been planning to blog about...and haven't!
Tony made a play house for the kids at the market. While the inside isn't completely finished (we're going to be putting in electricity and carpeting), I did get painting done before we got really busy for the summer. The outside matches the market...it's a little red barn style. My parents did quite a bit of work on the inside getting it prepped for painting....the kids were delighted when they saw the inside! And they love playing there with Katie, the big kid who "plays" with them while Mama is working!


precious grandma said...

It's looking good so far! So glad we could help. Enjoy!

Martha said...

Wow! Would we have fun in there, even w/o electricity and carpet!

LindaSue said...

and the kids would have fun with you all, too! Yet another reason to visit us....haha!